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Not quite a bug...

Started by GrandHerb, April 20, 2015, 09:21:21 AM

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More of a design concern. During the 4th (?) mission (rescuing the captive spriggat on behalf of Lakshmi Bana), killing all the bandits before releasing the spriggat from her cell results in an immediate end of the mission, which makes sense, but it then proceeds without adding the spriggat to your party. Now, one would think that with the entire bandit camp slaughtered, our heroes would've had more than enough time to rescue the prisoner and take her with them, but apparently its not the case.

Prolonging the battle even after the enemies are dead to allow the player to manually interact with the captive OR automatically triggering the scripted interaction once the last enemy dies would make more sense than "Oh well, we killed everyone, let's forget the actual reason we came to do it and go home now".

Or was that fight meant to be un-winnable and forcing the players to rush in, smash-and-grab and retreat from bandit reinforcements?


Even if it's a stealth mission, never assume the player will not be able to rout the map. But yeah, I guess the game should have a trigger for this unlikely event.


Hmm I found after a certain time the whole map went after me. Not that long a time either. I am wondering how you managed to clean the whole map. Did the "lets go look at the cage" event trigger?


Bottlenecked them at the bridge, with the help of generously applied snares and a grappling hook. Bandit axemen rushing in blocked off and segment the enemy ranged units, letting me slowly take them apart as they came in.

It wasn't planned, I tried to outflank the camp and dallied too long, saw the reinforcement arrive, I figured "Oh, okay, I'm dead now. Gotta hurry to the cage next time. Now, before restarting, let's hunker down here and see how many of them we can take before getting overran." Turns out, the answer was all of them.



Hmm I managed to free the guy and kill off all the enemies by running back and taking some shots here and there on the way. I went all the way down beneath the lake a bit south east of the starting point. I managed to make the AI waste their movement by changing the path they wanted to take. This way I was not overwhelmed. It's a damn hard level to beat though.


I have perfection issues. So....

My strategy on how to kill the map.

[spoiler]Move to the first group, take them out (after waiting to restore the energy of everyone. Right. To the left of the mountain, just out of range of those four bandits(?) wait until those on the mountain come after you. Bait them to come to you, run with Emma/Sabby to convert Zimmer. Finish those that come after you. Restore energy and heal while on mountain, staying away from the lvl 6 bandits at the bottom. Then the guys from the top right should have been coming after you. fight them from the top of the mountain. Therafter the rest should all be stationary. While you're waiting to be attacked, kill any stationaries (the four bandits top left, the crossbowmen at the top, the guys at the bottom left, the two lvl 6 bandits.[/spoiler]


How do you deal with the fact that almost all the reinforcements from the top-right are lv16-18 though? Two hits from any one of them will out-right kill any one of your troops by this point in the campaign, not to mention that their lv18 pyrokinetisist has pyro hail dealing a base 17 damage to everyone in a 3x3 area, without including any backstab bonuses if applicable.

I initially tried to fight off everyone, but those reinforcements just proved way too powerful, so I had to grab and go to complete the mission.


To prevent getting off the topic, I'll start a new discussion with a new game that acts as a strategy guide / let's play. Probably before the day (I'm in GMT2+) is done.