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Question, Re: Retreating from Igor's Castle

Started by Thaecrasis, April 28, 2015, 12:27:19 AM

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Has anyone ever tried killing every enemy on the map where you're helping Emma et al. escape from Igor's Castle? I was thinking that it might be possible, even including Fera and Gulch on the map.

My theory is:
- First create a bridge of 2 barricades, with one ice block in the middle for easy collapse with fire after everyone from the castle escapes.
- Use the engineer to create barricades in front of the upcoming bridge so you can't get swarmed
- Deal with all the reinforcements from the west
- Rest/Build more barricades as they get damaged to further block the bridge
- Use psy/bow attacks to whittle down the forces on the other side of the bridge while healing your troops if they get hit by archers
- When all that remains is Gulch (and his personal guard which stays with him until you get close to him) and Fera, lure Fera closer to you by shooting her with an arced shot, then in comination with multiple pushes and kinetic gust/pulls, have it so Fera is placed into the water.
- Using bridges/ice, create platforms around Fera in the water, holding her in place with kinetic pulls, and surround her with other troops.
- Wait until she's near death as she drowns, then drag her out of the water and finish her off, and take her OP loot.
- Go finish off gulch and his lackeys.

Think this plan could work if done properly?
And what would happen script-wise if this did happen, since both Gulch and Fera are in the next cut-scene?


NPCs that reappear on future maps just run away at 0 HP. They don't drop their inventory either, so don't get your hopes up for that.

Although the ebon guy on the bridge battle later DOES drop his halberd/armor/shield, if you're crafty enough. Basically abuse the steamthopter and your other two flying units. It took me way too long to do, only to find out I couldn't actually equip the weapon :P


Do those NPC's still run away even if they physically can't do anything (a.k.a. drowning in a tile of water surrounded by people)