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Game breaking bug, smaller bugs and potential bugs/QoL changes

Started by captainjack101, April 24, 2015, 08:59:20 PM

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I found a pretty game breaking bug when trying to restart a map where one of my characters had just died. I was on the thief mission in the tavern and I didn't notice they had mega stab so I lost a character and tried to restart by hitting F1 to bring u the settings menu then hitting 'Surrender'. It was during the enemy's turn and when it came back to my turn, the enemies were all gone and the Victory/score screen popped up. I did some testing and it seems that any time you hit 'Surrender', all characters of that team are removed from the map and considered dead when determining win/loss conditions. It even works during cut-scenes, but drops your character's inventory. I haven't uploaded any logs since I didn't know I could until after I found the bugs and this bug is extremely easy to reproduce.

A few other bugs that I've found that weren't in patch 1.0.2 (which hasn't given me the option to download it yet):
-When exploring the bandit hide out if you push Fera, she counter attacks and if you die then the game doesn't end, but you can still surrender.
-In the bandit hide out when you talk to Fera before you tell her you know about the mines, if you walk back to the entrane the bandits have the dialog of "Why is Fera so angry?" before you really make her mad.
-With the cavaliers charge ability, you can move onto unpassable terrain (i.e cliffs, tables, rocks, trees) without falling down cliffs. (Not sure whether you need to target enemy or object). Happened to me by the rider boss on the cliff on the bridge stage and I used it against a bowmen with my cavalier in the bandit tavern level.
-On the bridge and escape from the bandit headquarters level, killing the bosses (i.e Fera, Gulch and the Rider) yields no special interaction like killing Gulch on the Meridan stage. They simply die, drop their loot and come back in the next cutscene (and potentially later in the game, I'm not very far in yet).
-I've noticed that the characters are stored invisibly on the stage when selecting which characters to take for a mission and if they are stored on a breakable object, equipping and un-equipping the psy power sphere deal 10 damage (3 psy defense worth) to the object underneath. First noticed on the bridge stage; broke half the bridge for fun before the map started.

Some other potential bugs/quality of life changes that I've noticed. Let me first say that I really enjoy this game, but there are a few features (or lack there of) that make the game feel a little clunky at times and that any feedback in here is meant to be constructive.
-When managing items, being able to see character stats other than their level is super helpful. Being able to rick click like in a fight to see stats would be amazing. Also, dragging items from inventory to other players/the stash would cut the need to drop, then give to someone else. Similarly, being able to see item requirements and durability from the stash would be helpful instead of giving a player an item, checking it, then deciding whether or not the character needs it or can use it.
-When choosing characters for a mission, some active spots are potentially buggy in the sense that when moving a character from reserve to a spot, then moving another character from reserve to the same spot results in the newest character not moving to an active spot. This is similarly buggy with items. Sometimes when giving a character a new armour or weapon clicking on the equip button greys out all the other options besides equip, but doesn't equip the item (and "equip" doesn't turn into "unequip"). I've also had the cavalier holding a lance and a halberd at the same time (yes she was a cavalier and only mantis knights can use the halberd). It unequipped the shield on her off hand automatically, but I was unable to reproduce these results a second time.
-So far only my mantis knight has been promoted, and maybe I missed the notification, but some more clarity on when/how units get promoted would help reduce confusion. To my knowledge, she got promoted at level 13, but no one else past level 13 (most are around 15 for me now) got promoted. Was it a plot point or a mission or a level up that promoted her?

If you've read this far, sorry for the novel, I'll try and reproduce some of the bugs and follow up on this with logs and more precise information. If you are Craig Stern, then thank you for the wonderful game, I've been excited for this game ever since it's announcement and I've been regularly reading your updates throughout the years. This game is every bit as challenging and fun as I hopped it would be and I'm sure I'll be replaying the campaign to train new units and trying out campaigns that the community has made.

Cheers, Captain Jack.


Units are supposed to promote at lvl 20. It's kinda buggy, for whatever reason.