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Author Topic: List of recruitable characters please  (Read 2516 times)


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List of recruitable characters please
« on: April 25, 2015, 02:03:47 AM »

Want to like the game, do in a way but decided to hold off on playing it until a brief list of where and how to all the recruitables is available. I've had so many issues not knowing bugs or doing something wrong. Meridian not being added to party if Emma doesnt go a distance from the cage and you fight it out instead,the ice mage/engineer being seemingly added to party but leaving if they dont chat with golem, and the final straw was the second ebom knight battle where I talked to a neutral swordsmans and got him added only to have him ghosted.  Coupled with autosave feature I''m  taking it as a real fu to my inner completionist as like fire emblem or suikoden it just isn't right to not get them all. Even with manual saves coming the way sometimes the party is broken up into lizards, sabrina,emma it can take you several (lengthy) battles to discover you thought you had a recruit but got a bone.

Pretty please,with  a cherry on top, post that info somewhere/pm me whatever so I can enjoy a turn based srpg. Its been so long since I've had fresh meat in that  game category I really want it to happen. A list of abilities characters can learn would be cool  too but not needed just a good way to know if archers are ever good choices compared to the nuclear aoe mages because they get a hit any tile sky dart move or something.

Also request "sell feature" for shops and the battle slowdowns to be addressed. I find they are worsened and brought on by abusing things like awareness/ repeat golems engine move which you would naturally use. Its like after a set amount of moves done by you and enemy it bogs, especially with maps with enviromentals like rain the second castle battle (outside) is a beastly 5 fps. Not a hardware problem, if can run gta5 fine should be able to handle this lol.

And a random tip. In the castle,make sure emma or party inventoryhas grapple hook before  it triggers I'd also give emma all bandages to share around later. Those weapon racks where freya pops out the door  well you can block the door in 3 moves with one space for her to spawn and she won't ever attack the racks. ensure the golem gets enough kill experience to learn spin saw 2.  2-3 lv ups. So assassin can grapple, spearman can shove, emma can push/pull. Plays defensively to the north and get it blocked before turn 3-4,give shadowling the grapple after blocking to bring down and kill one assassin (leave one of them to loot freya) and once you mopped all but one  generics up  have the spear man stand to the left of one rack and shove, golem spin saw 2 freya so to not damage rack, and emma one space away from the same rack on the right to shove back into place. You can kill her without level spamming and she drops a S rank type of sword for emma or sabrina and a whole set of armor.  You can do a similar thing with the engineer with a whole  lot of ranged attacks in  the next battle for duplicate rewards. I like having the super bosses inserted. Reminds me of the old growlanser series where you can kill the unkillable and get rewarded.


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Re: List of recruitable characters please
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2015, 08:02:46 AM »

Here's the full roster of recruitable characters who can eventually become a permanent part of your main fighting force (I'm not counting characters who leave after they help out for a battle, like Annel Stormhunter), presented in order of acquisition.

Warning--big spoilers here.

Emma Strider
Sabrina Strider
Gavrielle Hashmal
Farasat Hashmal
Louise Legerdemain
Madeleine Strongarm
Scarlet Etoile
Lakshmi Bana
Zimmer Thrawn
Rebecca Flare
Harriet Glaive
Tremolo Phalanges
Lord Dakarai
Teresa Dayo
Phoebe Wittler
Naila Hashmal
Edwin Gabbergast
Oliver Spenks
Des Serret
Silithis Predat
Sarn Kamina
Doran Chamberlain
Gunther Lathe