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Non combatant in Roster

Started by Kletian999, April 29, 2015, 08:31:11 AM

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I saved Meridian.  Now she's in my roster during battle select.  However it looks like she has no stats other than being Level 1, even when I right click her.  Am I right in thinking I'm not suppose to try and use her?


Could be a bug. Post some screenshots? As to using her, go ahead. She's quite useful. Just needs a bit of babying.


Yeah, I love using her. She's not that hard to level up, because she can hit and run. With flying, she can get behind cover after attacking. Later on there are maps with chests that are only accessible with flyers, and the steamthopter doesn't quite cut it a lot of the time. She's always going to be fragile, but has good utility on a lot of maps.


Ohhhhh. I bet I know why that's happening. Yeah, that's a bug--she's entirely useable. ;)