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Objects in water

Started by Thaecrasis, April 22, 2015, 07:52:27 PM

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I think when certain objects are moved into water, they should become walkable terrain.

For example, in the campaign, in the mission where you have to defend the camp (just before accessing Igor's castle), there was a chest on some land surrounded by water. After I surrounded the last enemy I spent the next 8-10 turns or so pushing/pulling a log over to the water, only to find out I couldn't walk over it. So then I spent the next 2-3 turns moving the log out of the way, then realizing I could use telekinetic pull to pull the chest through the water and over to the other side.

Point being, I think it would make more sense to be able to walk on objects (not all, but some) in water.

(As a side note, if this were to be implemented, I think what also should be implemented is that when heavy objects are moved over water, they will sink instead of being able to be pulled to the other side over 2 turns, since there'd be an alternative to get chests on the other side now)

Do you think this would be a good idea?


While I like this idea, and certainly see how it could be useful, I'm not entirely sure if the game engine would be able to support it without some big changes to movement system. From what I understand, objects are just special variants of regular characters. So what we'd really have are characters walking on characters that normally couldn't be walked on.

As cool as this would be, I'd hate to see new movement bugs implemented ala TRPG2, where some enemies could just walk and stand on top of each other whenever they pleased.


I'm not sure a big movement system change would be needed; it would probably be possible to code the object 'characters' in such a way that basically says, "When character is in water, place a tile of land type [wood, rock, etc] on 'character' ". I'm not sure how their game coding is set up though, so I don't know if this run-around would work or not for sure.

If this coding would work, then only the object 'characters' with the code would spawn a land tile on them, whereas other characters in water would not, and could not be walked on.


The way the game is currently coded, this would be tricky to implement, but not impossible--the base implementation would most likely be to put a character tag into the game that the engine looks for when a destructible object is found to be in water, that turns its passability into type "bridge."

The main thing is that I'd have to then test extensively for bugs, and come up with a visual effect that makes it clear the object has sunk without rendering it totally invisible or unrecognizable. It would take up to a week or two to do all of this, and there are any number of other things requiring my attention more urgently right now. However, it's a cool idea for the future. :)


When the tutorial had me drag a rock into water I was really surprised "bridging" wasn't already in the game.  Glad it's on the radar for later.