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Saving meridian vs killing everyone

Started by itu, July 27, 2015, 02:32:28 AM

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So im talking about mission 4 or so, saving meridian from the bandit cage. Has anyone actually pulled an enemy wipe off? As in, killing every enemy. As soon as the pyro and the sniper get close they really destroy the already struggling team. Ideas on how to do this? Is it possible? It doesnt seem chokepointing helps at all because theres no way in hell you can take out the pyro and sniper with the ranged units before everyone dies.


I have completed it once before:

It takes quite a while of strategic planning, but it can be done. There's also a tiny bit of luck involved in where each of the AI move to (for example, the high level pyro moving around to the left in my video gave me a fair amount of time to deal with the right side before turning my attention back to them).

It should also be noted that this was before an apparent bug was fixed, where if a character attacked and leveled up, they weren't supposed to get an additional attack.

I tried the battle once after the extra leveling attacks bug had been fixed but didn't succeed. I also had the high level pyro stay on the right side that time too, so it was a bit harder in that regard too. Not sure if it's still possible to kill everything without farming exp in the previous couple battles, but maybe. I still think the best strategy is holding up at the bridge and trying to separate the enemy forces to go on both the right and left sides, and utilizing the water, and Motivation as best you can.


Are you saying that one you level up you get a second attack in that version? That's broken D:

I eventually gave up on clearing that one. I pushed the boundaries of the Escape Exterior mission thought - Killed Fera and wiped out all units. 1165 dmg done and 298 taken. Basically barricaded the main bridge before it appeared, wiped the left group, backed off and slowly wiped the aggressive troops, then left Fera alone with the 2 archers. Laid traps, lured her in with a frost-armored golem (cant be too safe) and then killed her in 2 turns.


Just wanted to add that I finally managed to clear this in a second playthrough. But I don't think it can be done without using a questionable amount of bandages (I used around 10).

Iron swords, throwing axes, and Iron Helm + Leather Armor were all very helpful.

Also rush the pyro before he can attack you, and the sniper can backstab armored units for 25+ dmg, so if you're going to fight him in a bad spot, run.