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Lack of forum activity

Started by Thaecrasis, May 02, 2015, 08:56:35 PM

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I can count the number of active people on this forum on one hand. You'd think with a lot more activity from the reviews the game is getting that a lot more people would be playing. And you'd think that at least a decent percent of all the people playing would use the forums here, so any idea what's going on?


Yes--a large proportion of purchasers bought the game through Steam, which sports its own dedicated "community hub" for the game. This means that the community is split between the official forums and the Steam hub, unfortunately, particularly so because many Steam users regard it as an inconvenience to sign up for a forum outside of Steam.


Hmm, strange that most people think that way. I got the game through steam, then saw the link to the forum on the main menu and checked it out after playing just a few missions,


It's also worth noting that, relative to the past few years, this is a decently sized influx of new users already. ;)


I imagine once some quality campaigns are submitted, people will have more reasons to visit the forums.


There is nothing strange. Registering on every forum or site you come along is quite inconvenient. Or do you use same names and pws on all forums/sites? How do you keep track on all that then?

Do not expect people to register on some forum each time they buy a game.

The only reason I put efforts into registering here is that I want to see more campaigns, extensions and any other kind of content in this game. And that is not going to happen, if Craig doesn't solve the two most frustrating bugs. In fact I have come across dozens of bugs, but there is no point to report minor things as long as the game is hardly enjoyable due to the two main problems.