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Game freezing during psy orb swapping

Started by Thaecrasis, May 04, 2015, 09:38:56 PM

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This has only happened twice now, but after a long strategic battle, ranging on the order of 30+ turns, the latest being defending the camp near the Vibra Mines; I had just spent about 2 hours and was just about to finish the mission in 1 or 2 turns, and it freezes. When this freeze happens I can't even retrieve a log, since the game is "not responding".

A rather annoying bug :/.... that's two hours of hard planning down the drain. Had no casualties, got all loot, killed every enemy except a group of 5 stranded on an island where I destroyed the bridges.

[Ironically the game freezed just as I'm about to use Cryo Cross... it's like the game has a sense of satirical humour]

Well, just in case it somehow unfreezes after an undetermined amount of time, I'm gonna leave that window open anyways
Edit: nope no luck, still frozen after a couple hours

I think I'm gonna wait until this bug is fixed before playing again, since I'd rather not spend another 2 hours then having the game crash ;-;


Replicated the bug; turns out it wasn't random and due to length:

If one psy user has two orbs: swift and power, if they start their turn with the swift orb, and move their full distance, then swap to the power orb (or potentially any orb, haven't tested), then game crashes immediately after.


Thanks for the report! Got a log I can look at?


When this happens you can't get a log; I press 'L' but no log is produced afterwards since it always makes the client not respond. I think you'd have to be running some kind of diagnostic concurrently with the program while replicating the crash to get any detailed information.

Additional information: I have confirmed the exact source of the bug however. If any character moves a certain speed granted by any equipped object (swift orb, sprint shoes, etc), then unequip that item after making their move, the game crashes since their movement range no longer technically allows them to be in that position anymore.


Ah! Perfect. Thanks for that--I'll have it fixed shortly. :D