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Roster weirdness in Psychic Toll level.

Started by Kletian999, May 13, 2015, 09:35:40 PM

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1. I could not right click stat view on Emma/Sabrina during deployment, though I could rearrange their start position.
2. Many of the roster spots refused to allow me to switch out units.  I got an error sound but no message trying to replace, for instance, Lakshmi with Teresa, only to later be able to remove Lakshmi after rearranging her within the deployment zone.  Nothing consistent though.  Also it seemed like the squares that would accept roster squares did so when I wasn't really moused over them, like as if the event detection on my mouse was disjointed with the map's visuals.
3.  Hitting the L button only once, I got like 10 log files in the same second.  Some of them are attached, plus one that occurred about 10 minutes after the batch of 10.  Include a renamed to TXT file savegame.


I was just about to report #2. Here is what it looks like is happening to me. If you take character in slot 1 in the reserve, it will not let you place him in slot 1 of your active team, the same goes with slot 2 of reserve can not go in slot 2 of active team, and so on. Also it appears to happen on all stages.


I also saw this issue with v1.28.  I just got around it by switching a different character.