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TPA1 Hero

Started by SmartyPants, March 02, 2010, 04:36:16 PM

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Which game has the most powerful Hero?

Telepath RPG 1 and 2
Telepath Psy Arena
Telepath Psy Arena 2
Telepath RPG: Servants of God


I chose Servants Of God
My head got shot up once. And I lived and my head Remained.....


Servants of God. You can level up your attacks without paying money, and damage by blasts is 3*level, not 2.


yeah. also messaged craig stern about a shadow affinity glitch.
My head got shot up once. And I lived and my head Remained.....


It's an old thread, I know, but considering there are only 5 threads in this subforum, I don't think it's worth making a new one.

My two cents on this one: TRPG1&2 is the most powerful hero. My reasoning is simply that of accomplishment.

By the age of 18, the TRPG2 hero has killed the Shadowling Queen, who is considered a diety by many. Even though she isn't really a diety, that shows shes pretty tough, to say the least. The TPA1 hero is pretty good, to say the least. However, I just don't think that hero has accomplished enough to be considered 'powerful'. Winning a tournament (Even a grand tournament) is big, but considering that there's no mention of it anywhere in SoG, I'm inclined to believe it wasn't that amazing. Besides, if it was, I doubt the people of Ravinale could be tricked into believing all psy are evil. After all, they hosted a tournament that attracted hundreds of psy, it's not like those with the gift are unknown to the people of Ravinale. Duvalier is a good candidate as well, but to recap-The hero of TRPG2 killed Nelis at the age of 18. At the same age, Duvalier was learning mind blast. Now, he may have progressed in ability quickly-but he also has one of the best teachers in the world, quite possibly the TRPG2 hero himself.


I agree with your statement. But I think you meant deity. Not diety.


In a Kickstarter Update, Craig said spirits "are some sort of weird psychic manifestation of powerful psy."  This would be a strike towards the Hero of TRPG2, because he might not be a powerful enough psy to manifest a spirit companion like the Heroes from the other games.