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Focusing Error with Demo with WINE

Started by celer, May 28, 2015, 06:06:47 AM

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I can't get the linux demo to work on my netbook (Error 0 when I try to install), so I tried with WINE using the downloadable exe. It works fine, except that whenever I want to right-click, the right click doesn't work, and neither does any other mouse click action until I can somehow escape the control over my mouse that the game has. This has happened in both windowed and full-screen mode. Having a keyboard-based method to exit the game would be an effective solution, just so I don't have to shut down. Has anyone experienced this problem on windows?


I'm pretty sure that's a Linux-specific issue when running the game under WINE.

As for Error #0, that's a thing I've run across before--see if any of the procedures listed under Question 6 of the Sinister Design FAQ help!