Author Topic: Recently encountered Stuff that might not be bugs?  (Read 1507 times)

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Recently encountered Stuff that might not be bugs?
« on: May 24, 2015, 08:23:49 PM »
Just finished Coria Bridge.  After the bridge itself was clear I decided to engineer my way up to Ebon's location.  When I got close I realized he was already "dead" with all his stuff in a bag.  I'm guessing after the engineer blew up the charge he was programmed to retreat, but it seemed odd to get all that free stuff out of the deal.

Some of the paths over the wooden or stone bridge refused to show the blue movement range despite letting me walk on/across them if I clicked.  At least this time around I ensured the elevations were all the same.

While i had the two Striders walking up my giant bridge to Ebon's cliff, I moved Sabrina, did not attack with her, then moved Emma to her and Casted Motivate.  I was expecting Motivate to give Sabrina back full movement range, but since she was not in "post attack" state it did nothing.

I get a lot more logs than the ones I generate by pressing L.  What triggers their automatic creation?

Plated Boots have Durability?  Most armor doesn't.

Inventory weirdness is still happening.  When shopping in town before the Dogs fight I ran into multiple instances of equipping armor unequipping weapons, equipping boots unequipping helmets (but letting me equip both boot and helmet a second later), and multiple weapons (Lances on Scarlet) all appeared equipped at once.  Some consumables were even marked equipped with the tooltip "Equip to triggered".

Using f12 to generate screenshots tends not to set a file extension (needs .jpg on end) during the manual location save popup.