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Cost reductions for promotions still not working

Started by eyhung, June 05, 2015, 09:57:55 PM

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I have two copies of the game, one v1.03 and one v1.034.   After loading a v1.03 savegame, I observe no difference in energy cost for the Puppetmaster's mind control or the Shadowling's Shadowport in these two versions.  I thought the promotion energy discount bug was fixed?


I think mind control is just suppose to get one extra tile of range, and kinetic gust/pull were suppose to be reduced by half in cost. Not 100% sure though

Craig (or anyone else with the knowledge to answer), is there any location where we can find specific promotion data for each character? The CharClasses.xml doesn't seem to have any information about it at all other than the ' tags="Promotable" '


You're going to want to look in PersistentDialog.xml, where all of the promotion scripts are stored. I can take a look myself, here in a bit.


Thanks, bugfartboy, found the needed info:

Shadowling promotion:
<Script>Prep Shadowling
         <Action>SetString/NewClassInfo,Gained Max Health +3; Max Energy +5; Shadowport costs 1 less energy and has 1 extra range.</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Max Health,+,3</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Max Energy,+,5</Action>

Mentalist Promotion:
<Script>Prep Mentalist
         <Action>SetString/NewClassInfo,Gained Max Energy +5; Psy Power +2; Kinetic Gust and Kinetic Pull cost 50% less energy; Mind Control has 1 extra range.</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Max Energy,+,5</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Psy Power,+,2</Action>
         <Action>AddTag/-STR:PromotingChar-,ModRngForAttack,+,1,Mind Control</Action>
         <Action>AddTag/-STR:PromotingChar-,ModCostForAttack,%,50,Kinetic Gust</Action>
         <Action>AddTag/-STR:PromotingChar-,ModCostForAttack,%,50,Kinetic Pull</Action>

So, not sure why the reductions aren't taking place

Edit: Also just tested with my Cryokinetisist as well in-game; promotion said 50% reduction in energy cost for cryo blast and didn't apply.

From the .xml file:
<Script>Prep Cryokineticist
         <Action>SetString/NewClassInfo,Gained Max Health +1; Max Energy +4; Psy Power +3; Cryo Blast costs 50% less energy and has 1 extra range.</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Max Health,+,1</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Max Energy,+,4</Action>
         <Action>SetStat/-STR:PromotingChar-,Psy Power,+,3</Action>
         <Action>AddTag/-STR:PromotingChar-,ModRngForAttack,+,1,Cryo Blast</Action>
         <Action>AddTag/-STR:PromotingChar-,ModCostForAttack,%,50,Cryo Blast</Action>


Well, if we know the Tags are being applied to the units, then the bug might be the Tags not being properly interpreted by Craig's Engine.


Oooooookay, I've figured it out. In addition to that bug I fixed a while back, there were typos in the scripting that I missed. Unfortunately, this means that the cost bonus won't be fixed retroactively like I'd hoped, but it will be fixed in the next update.