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Character portrait confusion

Started by Tunnel-Master, June 11, 2015, 07:55:43 PM

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Hello. From reading your update reports, it looks like you've been having some issues with the wrong character portraits coming up during deployment. I'm running into that in version 1.035: at the moment, I am lining up for the battle with Cloch and I have Meridian up in the front row (I know that it's her because her name comes up when I mouse over her), but she has Siripent's face on her tile and when I right-click his image, Meridian's stats come up but with Sabrina's picture in the corner. I'm attaching screenshots.


Pressing L at any point beyond the main menu will generate a log, which keeps track of everything, including dialog and info boxes. Generating one would probably help Craig out a bit.


Ask and ye shall receive... I couldn't reproduce the exact same problem that I had last night, but it's the same premise: Harynx is the character that I'm mousing over, but she has Gavrielle's face tile and Sabrina's character portrait in the details screen.

You can also see that in trying to reproduce the conditions from last night, I ended up with multiple copies of Sabrina's face in my reserve section as a result of swapping characters in and out of it.


I have also encountered the same problem.  It's easy to reproduce, just swap characters in deployment. 


I have perhaps a similar bug occurring.  This is before I have enough characters to have a reserve, so it might be different.

When I move character locations around during deployment, sometimes a face gets duplicated, so that someone's image shows up twice.  If I hover the cursor over where the person-is-not-but-picture-is, it treats it (rightly) like no one is there.  On my recent try, Madeline's portrait vanished completely while I have two copies of Emma and Sabrina showing up (see screenshot).


Thought 'd add my own portrait bug to the list here. Also, I found a weird bug that let's the Cavalier equip the spear; although the spear require you to be a spearman or pikeman.