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[Char] Fire Emblem Reskin

Started by Zane, June 19, 2015, 03:02:45 AM

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First of all: kudos to the developer for this charming little spin-off of the fire emblem series! One problem I found: TT's portrait art simply doesn't equal to my satisfaction the simple and evocative spritework of FE at its best.

To remedy this problem my mod provides a nearly-full FE 'reskin' drawn from a range of original sprite compilations floating around the internet. All main pcs now have unique spritework--with personal modifications in some cases--in the style of the GBA games. I have done some additional lifting from spritedumps of the GBA and NDS titles where necessary for generic and exotic npcs. In every case I attempt to approximate--to greater or lesser success--the 'tone' suggested by the TT originals.

The 'translation' is not a perfect (or complete) fit in every case; but I think the results are good enough to warrant sharing.


Emma Strider:

Sabrina Strider

Download (unzip in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Telepath Tactics\Data\Characters\_Portraits):

Addendum: I don't play around with modding at all normally so I hope acknowledgment is sufficient for this totally non-commercial fan add-on. I do not claim ownership of any of these images. Credit for 'official' spritework: Nintendo, IntSys. Credit for 'non-official' spritework (all accessible.. I believe.. via spriters-resource or LaurentLacroix, Scicolevi, Sheikor, Spartan9053, Blazt01.


That's pretty cool, actually. How long did it take you to make the alternate portrait sprites?


A few days? I did some modifications of my own but it was mostly picking and choosing. I can't explain this entirely to my satisfaction but the different sprite compilations I used each had slightly different proportions which I then had to rescale. There may also be some lingering artifacts from the transparencies I often had to create. To whoever plays around with this let me know if anything of this sort crops up.


This is pretty cool! Some nice nostalgia from the old Fire Emblems.


I never got into Fire Emblem, but this still looks interesting. It's always neat to see characters reimagined in a different style.

(I notice you changed Sabrina's head spikes, though -- that's actually a minor plot point, so it might be a good idea to more faithfully translate them, if you can. Changing the female lissit head spikes to be more like her hair would also work, though.)