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2nd game, recruits are on high lvl

Started by Grottle, June 17, 2015, 02:42:27 AM

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the next bug apears. I handle my last bug without talking to annel and go for a while until i think, i made to many mistakes and start a new game. I enter the combat at the caravan and start the fight. The horseman, ok it is no horse, one-hit an enemy. I thought, suprising he never did that bevor. When i hover the mouse over him he was lvl 13. The X-Bow-Lady was lvl 11. They had equipment with them, more xbow, some armor. The horsemen wear metal armor he cant equip. Miss to take a logfile, now i am at work, when i go on and find anotherone with high lvl and stuff, i will press "L".




I forgot to say, i tried to delete the savegame files and try to play a new clean game, but even when i delete the files in the folder the game has the savegames somewhere.


Save files are currently still stored in .sol form deep in user data where most flash programs store them. Deleting the .TTsav files (or changing them in any way) currently does nothing. To delete your save files: go to your user folder and search for *.sol. The ones you're looking for are named in such a way that you should be able to tell what they are.


Thanks for the report!

So, if I get this right: you were playing a high-level game, you quit, then you started a new campaign. Did you start it in a new slot, or did you overwrite your previous slot?


@bugfatboy: I will see if i can find more and get some clean new games

@CraigStern: The situation was the way you descriped and i overwrite an old savegame.


This issue is similar to the one I had with Zimmer at level 9 (its in another post).  I'm not sure, but I certainly may have overwritten my higher level game.  And he probably was level 9.  As a matter of fact, his equipment may have carried over as well, since now that I think of it, he was only equipped with a longbow that I'd recently received (all my other bows have been spirited away over the course of the game.


Okay! I've just added in some code to completely delete old savegames before overwriting them with a new campaign, just in case this is caused by old data somehow surviving and messing with the new save game file. This will be in version 1.037; hopefully that should fix it, but let me know if it doesn't.