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The Official TRPG2 Battle Walkthrough

Started by KZ, February 05, 2010, 06:22:39 PM

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"Below is what I've written for the game walkthrough in wiki (with content written by other people for missions 1, 2 and 7), this doesn't contain any "side-quests" or how to get orbs (for this, see the respective sticky threads in this section of the forums) but more or less covers everything you need to do in order to beat the game.

TRPG2 Mission 1: Finding the Mechanics' Base

Once the game begins and you awake, go north from your headquarters and talk to the  glowing blue shadowling. He will give you three soldiers, Darkling, Shadowboxer, and Festus. Shadowboxer and Darkling are combat-oriented soldiers, and Festus is the healer. If you have more than 500 gold, you may consider buying Gamblin' Jack from the shadowling in the large house on the right. Jack is pretty powerful, but slow. Tastidian, the glowing shadowling, will tell you to find the Mechanics' Base. It is pretty simple, since all you have to do is go to the Lowlands and battle. If any people get killed, revive them in the bottom-left corner of Somnus. After battling three times, you will find the base. Report back to Tastidian to get a reward and you have finished the mission.

TRPG2 Mission 2: Finding the Plans

Once you have completed  mission 1, you will get a new mission, which is quite simple: attack the Mechanics' base and capture the plans. The enemies in this mission are more difficult and numerous, so you should try training first. Talk to the  shadowling with a bone mask, and he will train you. Also, you can aquire a new member for your team: Niven. He is a Knife Thrower, and is quite a powerful unit. Once you think you've trained enough, you can talk to Tastidian and click on the Lowlands on the map. Below are some ways to beat the battles in the Mechanics' Base.

Battle One: Busting into the Base

This battle will be much easier if you proceed cautiously, keeping battlefield obstacles between yourself and the bulk of the enemy. First, take down the two swordsmen on the left side of the pond. Your next priority should be to kill the Crossbowman and the Stone Golem immediately to your right. Use your shadowlings to pin down the crossbowman; Gamblin' Jack, supported by Festus, should be more than a match for the Stone Golem. Once those units are out of the way, the rest of the battle should be simple--just make sure to heal your injured units so the remaining swordsmen can't pick them off.

Battle Two: Capturing the Enemy Plans

Rule number one of this battle: DO NOT leave your units anywhere in a straight line from the Energy Golem (the weird gray thing with the spinning red orbs). Rule number two of this battle: proceed slowly. The boss and his minions are content to stay right where they are at the bottom of the screen, so long as you don't venture too close. Pick off the enemy in waves. The first wave, consisting of two or three units, will come at you right from the beginning. The next will attack once your hero ventures south of the table. The last, consisting of the boss and his Stone Golems, will attack once you wander within three squares of the boss. (Needless to say, you shouldn't trigger the last wave until you've rested and healed.)

The boss himself is tough, but if you gang up on him, he shouldn't last more than two turns. Once he's gone, take down the Stone Golems, then the Energy Golem.

If you are playing on the Sinister Design version of the game, once you win the battles, you are in the base. Take the plans, which are on a table, and also bring Dorgon with you, as he can be a valuable asset to your team.

TRPG2 Mission 3: Destroying the Golem Workshop

Before attempting this mission, it is best to train up the team a little bit before starting on this mission: getting Shadow Blast for Shadowboxer and Shadowport for Darkling could come in handy, as well as making sure the Personality stat is high enough to accomodate more teammates than you already have.

After completing mission 2, Tastidian will give you another assignment: to go into the Great Forest, find the Energy Golem workshop and destroy it. Start out by going to the Great Forest and simply follow the path.

Battle One: enemy patrol

In this battle you start from the top-left hand square of the map. There are several things to watch out for: try to avoid placing units in the path of the Energy Golem; watch out for any units partially hidden or completely hidden from view under the central tree-like Swordsman 3, right next to the Energy Golem; keep an eye on the Mech. Captain and his support team coming from the bottom right corner of the map. The easiest way is to come sweeping through the left-hand side of the map and taking out the two swordsmen and a crossbowman with your Shadowlings and the Hero, whilst using the remaining teammate or two to stall or kill a third swordsman hiding under the central tree (just scroll over the map with the mouse, and you'll find him). Next, use Darkling's speed to engage the Mech. Captain's support crossbowman from behind, whilst letting the other Shadowlings attack the supporting Swordsman (making sure that all Shadowlings stay far enough from the Mech. Captian without him being able to attack on his turn): this will draw off the Captain's support, and (by placing the Hero in the upper side of the map), could make him move upwards and get separated form his units. The Shadowlings should be able to deal with the support units (and Festus' healing, if necessary) without much trouble, whilst the rest of the team can focus on bringing down the Mech. Captain (not forgetting to stay out of the Energy Golem's way). Finally, you can gang up all teammates on the Energy Golem and he shouldn't pose a problem.

Battle Two: enemy patrol

After the first battle, you'll proceed deeper into the forest and encounter yet another patrol. This battle is more intense from the beginning, take your time to locate the two hidden Energy Golems in the centre and on the left side of the map, as well as of several other semi-hidden units under the trees in the bottom part of the map. One strategy is to take Darkling, Shadowboxer and Festus and use them to destroy the first Energy Golem. Meanwhile, the Hero should try to take out the Stone Golem, staring with a Pyro Blast and then using Feedback (having Feedback healing 9 and around 20 PsP could come in handy). Let the remaining teammates engage the swordsman and crossbowman in battle, preferable protecting the Hero's flank and maybe even taking out the Crossbowman on the first turn. Dealing with these enemies could take several turns, and by this time the Mech. Captain, along with another swordsman-crossbowman pair will be in proximity. At this point it might be a good idea to distract the Mech. Captain with Darkling, whilst bringing Shadowboxer into the foray, letting the Hero recuperate PsP and bringing back to Festus the teammates who fought the first swordsman-crossbowman pair, as they're likely to be in need of healing. In the next few turns, use Festus to heal up the wounded units, make sure that any teammates stay outside the hitting range of the second Energy Golem, whilst splitting the team into two parts, one taking care of the Captain, and the other of the pair. It is likely that by now the last swordsman will come up to attack your units, so it's best if one or two of the previous attackers are killed by this moment. The rest should be simple- use Darkling to backstab the swordsman and use indirect attacks to take out the remaining Energy Golem.

Battle Three: beat the 3 Spriggat Assassins

At the end of the 2nd battle, you'll meet Anya and Guy, and it's most advisable to put them onto the team if you have enough space for them. If your team isn't particularly strong, then it's best to have a second healer on the team, so Anya could come in very handy. On the other hand, if you've leveled up the team quite a bit by now, then having extra firepower wouldn't hurt. After meeting Anya and Guy, you'll follow the path to an empty cave and find that all of this was an elaborate trap: you're forced to battle for your life against 3 Spriggat Assassins, namely Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau (if you follow the link, a sound strategy on taking out the Spriggats is outlined in the article). After beating the Spriggats, you retrun to Somnus, where Tastidian gives you yet another assignment.

TRPG2 Mission 4: Escaping the Bug Pit

Before attempting this mission, it is advisable to train up the team more than for the previous missions put together: Guy having Pyro Hail, Niven's Fling dealing about 20 damage,Darkling having Shadowport 2,Festus knowing at least Mega Shield and the Hero having more than 25 hp should help. Having the Crimson Orb equipped could come in handy as well.

After completing mission 3, Tastidian will repeat the objective of mission 3: namely finding the Energy Golem workshop and destroying it (since last time the location of the workshop turned out to be a trap), but this time around he gives you verified information, and this leads you to the Deeper Downs. Once in the Deeper Downs, you'll be captured by the Spriggats and their leader, Cerzak, and thrown into the Bug Pit. There, you shall encounter Helena and Flint, and if you're not feeling greedy, they'll join your team.

Battle One: defeat the Bugs

In this battle it's easiest to kill the three Shadow Bugs before concentrating on the two Red Spriggats. It's is also noteworthy that the Bugs are resistant to Shadow attacks, whilst the Red Spriggats are resistant to Heat attacks (that is to say, they receive only 50% of the damage dealt to them). The easiest way is to use the initial Shadowling trio to attack the two Shadow Bugs on the left-hand side of the map and using the Hero to finish off at least one of them before the enemy's turn begins. Then use the rest of the team to deal as much damage to the third Shadow Bug (on the upper side of the map) as possible. Next, it's likely that the Hero could come under attack from the Red Spriggats and the remaining Shadow Bug, so Feedback may come in handy for the next several turns. Use the Shadowling trio and the Hero to deal with one of the Red Spriggats and one or the remaining Shadow Bugs on the left hand side, whilst using one of the remaining teammates to lure out the second Spriggat from the lava, so that more teammates can simultaneously attack it. In the end, use the second half of your team to overwhelm the second Red Spriggat and this should do the trick.

Battle Two: defeat more Bugs

In this battle, split the team up into three parts: take Darkling, Shadowboxer and Festus through the left-most passage and use Darlking's Shadowport ability to place him behind the left-most Shadow Bug and backstab him with Mind Blast, then place Shadowboxer between the two bugs and attack, then bring Festus around and place him to the left of Shadowboxer (so that if Darkling gets attacked, he can Shadowport behind Shadowboxer and can get healed); take Gamblin' Jack or Helena (as long as one of them has more than 27 hp and deals at least 10 damage it would be fine) and bring them to fight the right-most Shadow Bug; use remaining teammates to attack from afar the remaining Shadow Bugs (try staying in the upper side of the map, so as not to attaract the attention of the second-from-the-left Shadow Bug) so that during their turn, the wounded Shadow Bugs will come upwards at the teammates and lure out the Nymph. During the next turns, use the Shadowlings and Gamblin' Jack/Helena to destroy their respecive quarries, whilst the rest of the team should try actively to destroy the Nymph (try dealing minimal damage to the Shadow Bugs, so as to keep the Nymph occupied)- Niven's Fling/Trick Shot and the Hero's Feedback/[[Pyro Blast] should do the trick. Finally, use the entire team to kill off the last two Shadow Bugs in the centre of the map.

Battle Three: defeat the bug queen and the spriggats to escape the pit

This will be, naturally, the hardest battle of the three. If you play smartly, then the Bug Queen should not be a problem to you: she doesn't actually leave her resting place, she only moves to attack, and here is the crucial bit- she attacks a 2x2 area in front of her and deals a whopping 17 damage! Thus, try to avoid placing any teammates into that area. This time, again, the easiest way is to split the team into two halves. The first half, comprising of the three Shadowlings (excluding Niven) and the Hero, should try taking on the two Shadow Bugs and a Red Spriggat on the right side of the map- one way it to use Darkling to distract the Spriggat, whilst the rest concentrate on the two Shadow Bugs (using Pyro Hail would certainyl help). The second half of the team could be moved westwards and used to attack Shadow Bugs 4 and 5, whilst using them and the stone obstacle to insure that Shadow Bug 3 cannot join the foray straight away- try to use as many teammates as possible to attack one Bug and, hopefully, take it out before their turn begins. During the next few turns think through teammate positioning and kill off the initial 6 enemy units (drawing out the Red Spriggat would allow him to come under fire from the Hero as well), then retreat the team to the bottom right of the map and hel, as it's likely that the teammates who were operating in the left side of the map don't have enough health to face the second Red Spriggat, who slowly made his way down the map. Wait for the Red Spriggat to come and then attack him, whilst making sure not to come too close to the Bug Queen. Finally, send two Shadowlings to the upper left side of the map and kill the Nymph, then use any range 3 attacks available (such as Pyro Hail or Dark Vortex) to deal damage to the Bug Queen without her being able to retaliate against you. If you don't have any long-ranged attacks, then file up your teammates and let them attack her one-at-a-time, making sure there is space for them to stand back and get healed- this will probably be the faster method, as using long-ranged attacks usually costs a lot of PsP, which will take quite some time to recuperate. In the end, you escape the Bug Pit and can continue your initial assignment.

TRPG2 Mission 5: Destroying the Golem Workshop (Part 2)

[spoiler]Before attempting this mission, it is advisable to train up the team more than for the previous missions put together: Shadowboxer having Dark Vortex, Festus and Anya both equipped with Big Shield, Helena delaing more than 10 damage with Whirlwind and all teammates having above 36 hp would really help for the last battle of this mission. Having the Crimson Orb equipped or the Hero trained up to have Vengeance could come in very handy in the second part of this mission.

After completing mission 4, you end up in front of a room with locked doors. You find out that the 'workshop is behind those doors'. In order to open those doors, you'll have to go to the top-left side of the room, past a bridge guarded by the Mechanics and enter an area swarming with Bronze Golems, whom you have to avoid and go until the very end, see the colour of the switch indicator, and on your way back change all the switches to the right colour- then the door to the workshop will finally open.

Battle One: get across the bridge to the workshop

In this battle having the maximum number of flying units can really help. One of the ways to proceed is as follows: use the Shadowlings (and the Hero, if Crimson Orb is equipped) to attack and preferably take down at least one of the two Energy Golems on the left side of the map, Niven's Trick Shot could come in very handy. Then, use the rest of the teammates to re-group on the strip and allow those that have long-ranged attacks to deal damage to the Marksman (e.g. Guy with Pyro Hail), located in the top-middle of the map. Keep an eye on the two energy Golems on the bottom-right of the map- try not to place teammates in their line of fire. After dealing with the two Energy Golems on the left-hand side and taking out Marskman 1, heal any wounded units and attack the Red Spriggat with your Shadowlings, whilst ensuring that they don't come under fire from Energy Golems and the Marksman on the bottom of the map. Meanwhile, if you have Gamblin' Jack or Helena with high-enough hp, send them against the Bronze Golem and use the Energy Golems to help you defeat them (position attack unit such that an Energy Golem would also backstab the Bronze Golem). During the next few turns wipe out the Golem and the Spriggat, whilst making sure that your units stay healed, so Festus will probably be floating around quite a bit. After this, send your earth-bound teammates around the bend, whilst trying not to expose them to the Energy Golems and keeping to the centre of the map, so that the Marksman on the right-most side of the map can't hurt your teammates. A [[Mechanic Captain|Mech. Captain will probably make his way to the bridge by now, but he shouldn't pose any problem for the Shadowlings. By now, you can send Darkling or Niven to use melee attacks against the Marksman located at the very bottom of the map. The next part is really simple and several ways can be used to achieve a win: sending Niven and using his Trick Shot to remove both Energy Golems is the safest method, but could take slightly longer, on the other hand one could also send out Shadowlings and any other teammates with ranged attacks to the bottom of the bridge and gang up on the Golems. Finally, one can choose from a plethora of methods on how to get rid of the last Marksman: the easiest way is to gang up on him, box him in with the Shadowlings, whilst using Niven to attack indirectly and use the Hero or Guy to attack him with Pyro Hail, and that's job done.

Next comes the infamous stealth mission, where your Hero will have to make way through 6 rooms filled with Bronze Golems without getting caught and then return back to the original starting place. There is a very comprehensive walkthrough that can be found on the Sinister Design forums, complere with full room layouts and step-by-step explanations. After returning from this part of the mission, the doors in the original area just after the Bug Pit will be open and you can finally destroy the golem workshop.

Battle Two: destroy the golem workshop

It is most advisable to train up before this part of the mission if you haven't already done so. This is probably the hardest battle you would've faced so far, and it's most adviasable for all your teammates to have high hp, as enemies in this battle all deal at least 10 damage per hit! Thus, one way to proceed is to send Darkling to the left side of the map and attack the Marksman with Shadow Blast, then send Shadowboxer to attack the Bronze Golem on the left with Mind Blast, positioning Shadowboxer in such a way as to force the Bronze Golem to face Shadowboxer and attack him, and in so doing, hit the Marksman with the Spin Saw as well (in the best case scenario, this should kill the Marksman). Next, use any ranged attacks available to destroy the Enery Golem in the middle, whislt sending one of the Fighters to ther right, to distract the second Bronze Golem (it's best to draw out the BRonze Golem to the bottom right corner, so both the Figher and the Bronze Golem are far away from the fighting about to take place in the centre of the map). Proceed then to use Shadowlings in destroying the first Bronze Golem whilst keep their hp high. The hardest part now would be to keepyour teammates alive in the centre of the map. It's a good idea to use the table in the middle as a buffer and send your teammates through the left side of the map (as it's easier to create a bottle-neck there), placing in front sturdier units and using ranged Psy attacks like Pyro Blast and Pyro Hail extensively. If your Hero has high hp (around 40-45) and Vengeance, then placing him up front and using vengeance on the enemy could be rather useful. Using area attacks helps greatly here, so Guy and Shadowboxer will be kept very busy during this part of the battle, whislt Darkling can be used to backstab any wounded enemies into oblivion. The enemies in the centre will come in two waves, so this might give you time to heal up any wounded units and maybe send the stringer ones through the bottom or top of the map to encircle the surviving mechanics and gang up on them. Don't forget about the Fighter sent to distract the Bronze Golem- chance are that, throughout the battle you'll have to retreat the unit, heal and then return it to fight the Bronze Golem. Depending on how you trained your team, either the mechanics or the Bronze Golem will fall first, either way, group everyone together around the last one standing and finish him off.

The victory will leave you in the Energy Golem workshop. It's a good idea to have a thorough look around, as, apart from finding a useful component to install on Flint (the Steam Engine, can be found in the top-right corner of the map, don't be afraid to walk on any debris you see on the floor in order to get to it), you'll also finding a Frost Spriggat standing around at the very top of the workshop. If you talk to him, be nice and play on his boredom, then he'll agree to join your party (this Spriggat, Grotius, is, in fact, Cerzak's son). Finally, you can go back to Somnus, where Tastidian will give you yet another assignment.

TRPG2 Mission 6: Saving General Darkeye

Before attempting this mission it is most advisable to it is advisable to train up the team more than for the previous missions put together: leveling up all flying units (useful for the first part of the mission) and, in particular, getting Grotius's hp to around 65, leveling up Niven's attacks so that his Fling deals 30-40 damage, generally leveling up all teammates to have around 45-55 hp, leveling up all teammates to deal around 15-20 damage, it is also crucial to get Shadow Resistance to all teammates that can get it (all Shadowlings, except for Niven). Training up the Hero to have Vengeance and have high hp (around 50) could come in very handy, as well as having the Green Orb (gives a boost to speed). After completing mission 5, Tastidian will send you to rescue General Darkeye, who is stranded on an island in the centre of Lake Alto. Go to Lake Alto and it might be a good idea to talk to Pirate Pete before continuing with the mission. You'll see a boat there: go to the boat and your first task will be to take it back from Spriggat control.

Battle One: defend the boat

This battle can be done without too much leveling up beforehand. One way is to send your Shadowlings and attack the leftmost Spriggat formation using Shadowboxer's area attack, whilst using other Shadowlings to bring down the left-most Frost Spriggat. Next, bring up the Hero to the centre of the ship, but keep him out of the battle for now. Next, use the remaining teammates to engage in battle the two Spriggats on the right hand side of the map, it might be a good idea to draw them closer to the shore, so that more teammates can attack them and maybe enlist Niven's and Grotius' help in the process (if you leveled up Grorius enough, then he'll have Frost Shield- use it on other teammates when time allows to give them Cold Resistance, as this will lower the damage from Frost Spriggat attacks by half). Use Festus to heal, if necessary, and then concentrate on taking down the Healer, whilst making sure not to attack the other Spriggat, as it will cause the Healer to cast a Big Shield, and that will also automatically self-heal the Healer Spriggat as well. Send the Hero into battle, along with others, and the Healer shall fall in one turn (make sure you position the Shadowlings in such a way as to allow the Hero a clear shot at the Healer). Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, try to gang up on one of the Spriggats first, before taking out the other and retreat any wounded units, unless you have a second healer on your team (not counting the Hero). Finally, gang up the Shadowlings and the Hero on the last Spriggat left of the initial enemy trio and kill him (at this point, sending Festus to help out the remaining teammates on the right might be a good idea if they took a heavy beating). Finally, finish the last Spriggat on the right side of the map and the boat is yours.

Battle Two: enemy patrol

Get onto the boat and set course to the left, moving along the shore. You'll end up facing a mine-field. Approach it and then keep moving north until you see a breach in the field and what looks like another shore with a docking area- take your time and move your boat there, dock and disembark. You've reached Gen. Darkeye's island! Along the way you might meet an enemy patrol, and you'll have to fight on board the boat. There are several enemy formations to tackle, all made up of Frost and Red Spriggats. A general tip is to use area attacks and gang up on one or two Spriggats from the beginning and kill them, then concentrate on the Healer, and finally split up and kill the remaining spriggats. Having all of the flying teammates available active on the rooster can greatly help manoeuvrability during these encounters.

Battle Three and Battle Four: procect General Darkeye

Once on the island, proceed into the cave and you'll meet Gen. Darkeye, wounded and retreating with his army. The problem now is that the Spriggats find the cae and attack your formation, thus you'll have to defend yourself and your teammates. Take a note that three battles consequtive battles will follow, so try your best to not lose any teammates in the first two battles! The strategy for the first two battles is more or less the same: wait one or two terms for the Spriggats to come into a closer formation and closer to you (meanwhile discreetly move the Shadowlings along the right edge of the map upwards), then use your Shadowlings to attack the Spriggat formation from the right side, Dark Vortex could come in handy, as well as Niven's Fling. Next, bring up the Hero and one or two other teammates to the right of the stone and use area attacks or any single powerful attacks to deal as much damage to the formation as possible. Meanwhile, use one teammate to draw off the left-most one or two Spriggats and, at the same time, move Gen. Darkeye to the right-bottom corner of the map. If you've trained up enough, your first attack should kill one or two Spriggats and significantyl weaken several others, so that even after being Healed, they won't be completely healthy. Next, depending who you have on your team and in what order, try either killing or separating the Healers from the rest of the pack (something simple as standing between them and their targets could work), and whist you're doing that, use the remaining teammates to draw off the Spriggats. Gang up and kill off one Spriggat at a time,and don't forget to keep healing any severly wounded teammates. On the left side of the map, it might be a good idea to send a teammate or two to help the lone straggler (it would be easier if that is Grotius) defeat the one/two Spriggats he/she cut off from the very beginning. Finally, after several turns, you should be left with one or two almost dead spriggats, who should not pose a problem to finish. One thing to watch out for is that Spriggats use 1-2 range attacks, so hiding a critically wounded teammate behind another will not work in this case.

Battle Five: protect General Darkeye from Cerzak

Finally, Cerzak himself arrives at the scene and after a short verbal communication, you'll have to defend yourself and your team from his wrath. The objective of this battle is to defeat Cerzak, along with his two Dark Spriggat minions. There are several things to watch out for: the Dark Spriggats deal 15 damage, whilst Cerzak deals a whopping 20 (that means that he'll kill Gen. Darkeye in one go); the Dark Breath attack has range 1-3 and a nasty side effect of decreasing speed by 1 (down to a minimum of 2 steps per turn!) of any teammate, unless they have Shadow Resistance; Cerzak recuperates about 10 health each turn. Thus, one way around this battle is to start off exactly as before, but this time round concentrate your first attack on the three Frost Spriggats, then proceed to draw out the two Dark Spriggat minions, whilst keeping away from Cerzak and keeping the Red Spriggat Healers at bay. Thus, start off as usual, with the Shadowlings attacking two Frost Spriggats and a Dark Spriggat from the right side (make sure to not place any units in direct line with Cerzak), then use the Hero's Pyro Hail to add more damage to that, whilst from the other side of the rock, let Grotius make a very big detour, and attack the left Dark Spriggat with Frost Breath 2 (this will draw off the Dark Spriggat) and use any remaining teammates to attack the left Frost Spriggat from the bottom. During the next turns, reposition your teammates such as to vaoid being hit by Cerzak, and at the same time getting rid of the Frost Spriggats. Keep moving Gen. Darkeye away from the action, if Cerzak follows, place a teammate on his way, if need be. Next, Grotius should be leveled up just enough to survive and kill the left Dark Spriggat, whilst taking all teammates and ganging up on the right Dark Spriggat should bring him down fairly quickly too. Now, Darkling can occupy the Healers at the top of the map by physically blocking the way and by injuring one of them so that the other heals his comrade. Finally, disperse all teammates,if possible, so that you can heal them far away from the reaches of Cerzak. If you, however, have several units that cannot run away from Cerzak, then Festus' Big Shield should be of great use, and then it would be up to the second healer or the Hero to heal up any other wounded teammates, who are still fast enough to escape from Cerzak. Next, surround Cerzak with all units (whilst keeping Gen. Darkeye far away) available and attack with full strength. To make it easier, position units with stringest attack behind Cerzak to use backstab bonus to the max. After winning the battle by knocking out Cerzak, you'll have the option of killing him (and Grotius, as he'll stick up for his Dad) or showing mercy. Truthfully, you don't gain anything from being merciless- morale and ethics notwithstanding, you lose fighting slots (through losing personality points) and you lose a valuable teammate. After making your decision, you exit the cave and face one of the most challenging non-battle tasks in the entire mission set.

In the last part, you'll have to escape the island in your boat whilst navigating your way through a newly-placed extensive minefield. You're also timed, and some paths are pretty narrow, so keeping your head cool and trying to stick to a mine "wall" and try to make your way out would be a good idea. For those of you having trouble with this part of the mission, here is a map of the Lake:

When you disembark, go to Somnus to receieve your final assignment from Tastidian.

TRPG2 Mission 7: Ending the War

This is the final mission. Tastidian tells you to go to the Psy Academy to ensure that it won't side with the Spriggats. Once you meet and talk to Piter, you regain all your memories and become exhausted. Once you fall asleep in your room, a man named Dean Lukas will be in front of you and ask you whether you want to side with the Psy Academy or with Tastidian.

Siding with The Academy

This is the canonical ending, where you must seek to kill the Shadowling Queen, Nelis. This is extremely difficult, so it would be wise to train as hard as you can. Once you feel you are ready (it's recomended to train your troops to have at least 40 HP, maybe more) go to Somnus, where you must face Tastisdian. The first battle you have is with lots of Shadowling Soldiers and two Shadowling Guardians. The soldiers are pretty difficult to beat, but cornering them could help. You should try to take out the guardians as quickly as you can, because they are capable of doing massive damage. Once you've beaten them, you now have to fight Tastidian. He seems to have infinite health, but he doesn't. There are a bunch of shadowlings protecting him, which you should take out first. Once you've done that, keep as far away from Tastidian as you can while you heal. After that, try to consistently deal damage to Tastidian, because he heals every turn. His attack makes this pretty difficult to accomplish, since it damages all units surrounding him, but an effective tactic would be to have attacking characters have "turns", healing once they get too damaged to keep fighting and swapping with another. The next battle isn't nearly as hard as the last one. It only has some Phantom Armors and Energy Golems. If you have Darkling, a good idea would be to shadowport behind enemies and attack them for backstab damage. Area-of-effect attacks are also helpful. The next battle wont be as easy...

Fighting the Queen

Expect party members to die. A lot of them. Nelis is very fierce, and it doesn't help that there are energy golems and phantom armors protecting her. First off, destroy the energy golems, and then take out the phantom armors. While doing this, try not to get attacked by Nelis, as both of her attacks are insanely powerful. After that, attack her with your most powerful units and don't stop. If one of your more useful units is in danger of getting killed, have one of the more disposable guys take one for the team by taking a hit with Holy Blast. Basically, try to keep your healer, your main character, and main damage dealer alive until she finally goes down. And there, you won the game!

Siding with Tastidian

If you side with Tastidian, you must fight Dean Lukas. This causes Anya and Guy to desert you. The fight that follows is extremely difficult. You must face the elite defenders of the Academy, and they get a free turn to pummel you at the very beginning. You simply must have someone (if not two someones) with Big Shield to make up for the beating you're going to take on your first turn. Make it your priority to kill the psy fighter with Light Bomb, or perhaps more easily, have Darkling distract him by Shadowporting out of formation and attacking him.

Fighting Dean Lukas

Dean Lukas has a high amount of health and a far-reaching, powerful Light Bomb attack. However, that is his only attack. Once you have defeated his defenders, simply pin down Dean Lukas with melee units and he won't be able to hurt you (as long as you keep your other units out of Light Bomb range).

After the Mission

After this mission, you have won the game. You have the choice of either starting a new game, or a new game+. A new game plus keeps all your stats. Also, when you talk to Hellion about his chest, you get a hefty reward.

Voila! I hope it helps those, who recently discovered the Telepath universe. Although this comes a good year-and-a-half late, I hope people will still find this useful!"
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