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[MOD] [The Vengeance of Emma Strider] Translated Lissit text

Started by Chocobo_Fan, August 20, 2015, 07:27:07 PM

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Building off of this thread, I decided to make a mod that translates all Lissit text in the campaign. Translated text is demarcated by curly brackets {}.

English sprinkled with Lissit words is kept unchanged (since they're usually obvious from context anyway). And don't worry, I didn't try to localize Silithis' name as "Patience" this time. :p I did take one liberty, which is that I assumed that every cutscene where the lissit talk among themselves is actually in Lissit and translated into English for our benefit; thus, I bracketed those entire conversations, and translated any sprinkled Lissit.

Feedback is appreciated.


And uh... I seem to have gone over the limit for number of attachments per post. I'll continue here, if that's okay...?


Fun fact for you: you can put all of those files into a single .zip file and it will count as only one file! This also makes sense from an ease-of-access perspective, as the user would only need to download 1 file opposed to 10.