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[MISC] - Random Sprite Collection

Started by bugfartboy, August 22, 2017, 03:45:34 AM

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I was cleaning out the Windows partition on my laptop, and stumbled on a collection of recolored and rearranged Object sprites and Item Icons that may be useful to someone in the future.

This collection includes book icons of various colors and decorations. (Cryo, Photo, Pyro, and Skia decorated books shown below.)

Sample book item definitions for the currently released Telepath Tactics engine are included.

This collection also includes glove variants.  Most of these are less than pretty, but the black, bloodied, iron, and silver look okay.

Less useful, with the new engine's direction towards 3-D battlefield objects, are the garden object sprites.  Prominently featured are the hedge walls (vertical, horizontal, NE, SE, SW, and NW) and the stone statue.

Hedge wall object definitions valid for the currently released Telepath Tactics engine, as well as the .pyxel file for the stone statue, are included.

Imgur album for all embedded images


Ah, nice! :D

The stone statue should be useable--most objects in the engine are still sprites. It's mainly just the walls, doors, and bridges that are turning 3D due to the fact that they need to be able to link up seamlessly even accounting for the perspective effect of 3D. (You'll use a standalone statue in a level, but seldom a standalone door or chunk of wall!)