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Zoom-Enhance is doing wonders for the old TRPG2 crew!

Started by ArtDrake, August 23, 2015, 01:26:36 PM

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I'm no artist, as you can see from my attempts at fan art in the Art section -- my profile picture is probably the most polished thing I've drawn in recent memory. So I bring you not art, but what modern technology can do to bring out what was already there in the faces of our good friends and rebels who took down the Shadowling Empire.

They still bear a significant amount of pixel-roughness, but some of that can be smoothed in Photoshop, and some can be kept -- many of the single-pixel features are part of clothing texture and hair parts and such. Many are not. Regardless, these images provide a wonderful jumping-off point for anyone who wants to work with a high-def version of the true source images; nothing is lost here, only revealed from between the pixels. :)

I really love how all the soul the portraits have comes out now. Guy's curly hair, Anya's dubious expression, Jack's scar, Flint's facial textures.

I didn't enhance the shadowlings -- they don't have nearly as much to gain from it, and we all can tell what they look like. Black, floaty, smoky. Eyes. If you want to reveal every nuance in their character portraits, lemme know. The process didn't help Gelf any. Sorry.


Hey, Niven turned out looking nice, and gosh, did Tastidian ever!

But others, like Hellion, look nicer, sure, but there's no real new information here.


I mean, I'm not gonna try to deny it -- taken as pictures, especially for supposedly better-quality ones, these look horrible. I would never suggest using them as they are. But they've certainly given me a much clearer idea of what some of these characters look like, which means better future fan art. ^^ Not that I'm not several years late on that, but oh, well.


Oh, and how could I forget David? [I'd do Falstaff, but he just turns from a pixelly blurry mess to a mess that looks like it was supposed to be an oil painting. The Hero doesn't really benefit from this at all, either, sadly.]



This game was made almost 8 years ago, so it is fun to imagine what the game would look like if it was made more recently.

If someone uses Telepath Tactics engine to remake TPRG2, I hope they use the improved images.