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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- finished implementing the virtual keyboard! The game now fully supports gamepad. :)

- you can now edit the properties of different materials used in procedurally generating weapons and armor in a custom campaign! When creating a new custom campaign, the game now saves a copy of Materials.xml, which you can manually edit to alter the effect of different equipment being made of Steel instead of Bronze, Boiled Leather instead of Leather, etc.

- fixed: the gamepad navigator code could sometimes fail to enable navigation to some of the reply buttons in dialogue branches with multiple responses once the reply options finished fading in.


- in the shop, when mousing over equipment, the game now clues you in to the reasons why each character who wants that piece of equipment wants it.

- removed the log and one of the bushes from Battle at the Overgrown Garden to make movement around the map a bit less restrictive.

- fixed: the Poltergeist promotion for the Spirit effectively nerfed Juxtapose by changing it from an after-attack behavior of Use Once to Can Move.

- fixed: narrowing down a tag by its parameters for RemoveTag was only working in cut scenes, not battles.

- fixed: when talking to Caravan Guards in a caravan battle, the game referred to them as Explorers.


Gave artist feedback.

- received new portrait clothing usable with the ChangeClothing script action, integrated it into the game: VillagerDese and RoyalGuard.

- received now town crier portrait, integrated it into the corresponding cut scene.

- supplemented the visual effect for Create Ice.

- created new button graphic: Accessories.

- began working on a new feature to customize clothing visible in a unit's portrait in the character creator.

- fixed: choosing a particular set of particle effects did nothing for Create skills.

- fixed: month switching in the calendar had become broken during a past update.


- wrote another variant for narration during rainstorms.

- improved auto-move-and-attack behavior: the game now heavily favors skills that do not require the character to move further to use. If the target is already in a skill's range when this function is used, the character should generally stay in place.