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Helena + Flint vs. 500 Gold

Started by Bromtaghon, July 02, 2010, 06:01:30 PM

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Do you pay Helena and Flint the gold or do you keep the money?

I hired them.
I kept the money.


Indeed, I guess when one tries the minimalist approeach out of prinicple, then Helena and Flint can be neglected. In fact, I do remember someone trying to play the entire game with just the Main, but I am not sure if they managed to finish it or not- they definitely managed to get through the first 5 missions or so though, if memory serves me right.
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Xemadus Echina

well if you horribly abused that old glitch/secret where you could get money off of the out of game random battles then you could get the main lvled up so far that nothing could kill him.
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I guess KZ was talking about someone soloing all the game (from a fresh start) without playing the random battles (and without taking advantage from glitches).
I managed to solo beat the first mission on brutal. After that I grinded a bit to make things easier and won all the battles solo, including Nelis. However, due to bugs in some missions, I had to put some team mate in the roster in order to play them (usually one of the shadowlings because they are fast enough to be placed far away from the enemies and not be targeted by the AI).
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Ert has it spot-on. Nothing to do with exploiting glitches. Given the number of run-throughs of TRPG2 I did during the beta-testing stage, I never got around to soloing it in the end, but found a couple of funky challenges in any case.

To sum up the topic at hand- there is no good reason not to sign on Helena and Flint, unless purely out of principle (such as having a run-through with minimum number of players).
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I well buy them because flint have neat skill.


I hire Helena And  :-\ (Flint), but I mainly use flint.

[spoiler]Flint can learn Steam Engine, Fire Breath, and Spin Saw. That Is The Reason I use  :-\ (Flint)[/spoiler]
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I always employed Helena and Flint, but now that I think about it, I never really used either of them. I guess I just didn't want to leave them there. Plus, 500 gold didn't seem too much of a price to pay.
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Ditto! I felt a moral obligation...


I would hire them for fear of death the first few times I played. After that, I was just "Screw it. I don't need you guys, go die in a bug pit for all I care." Nowadays I just pwn everything solo with my lvl. 111 main.
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