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Hero's Gender

Started by SmartyPants, March 10, 2010, 03:51:33 PM

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What gender do you see the Hero having?



Well, either way the hero is "gender-selective", so to speak, and any internal between-human dialogue doesn't really point much to either- both a male and a female with such a character are plausible. Plus, as mentioned above, shadowlings simply view humans as "fleshlings", food, more or less, I doubt they'd care for their gender- in case of military, they're just interested in the Psy abilities and usefulness to the Queen (which sort of does bring the argument to an end- the Shadowlings revere a female, they only discriminate against Spriggats; Lola didn't seem in any way like an oppressed woman, and even if the Shadowling society is militaristic, think of the Amazons, so I think the society actually isn't really gender discriminating).
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Well after playing the game and TPRPG Servants of God, I could conclude that the charecter is a Male because If you notice the similarities of Nameless one and the Hero in #2, you may become suspicious of his Identity. And with the explanation of the game on the game "The third Chapter in the Telepath RPG series seems Irrelevant to the others in the series... or does It!" I came to the assumption it may be possible for the character Nameless One to be the Same as the Hero Character in Telepath RPG 2, also considering some of the little background knowledge that Nameless One gives us about his past. Please do tell me if I may be onto Anything.
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I'm pretty sure the Nameless One's gender has never been confirmed either, has it?
For more information, see the Nameless One thread that's probably floating around TSoG somewhere.
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I've made another post on this in TSoG to compare both without going in between the posts.


I'm pretty sure that it (Nameless One's gender) has been positively identified as male (e.g. you don't refer to any woman, old or otherwise as "old codger", etc).

But let's bring this back on topic: when you played through TRPG 1 and 2, did you think of the Main as a "he" or as a "she" and why? (Forget not that the Main is intentionally "genderless", so the player adds on the gender as an extra during the play-through.)
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I'm one of the 3 people who voted for female. I played TRPG 1 first and that avatar just seems far more female than male to me.


Make that four. I think the hero looks feminine. Plus, it's more interesting, to me anyway, to think of the hero as female.


Barzul, Kindle- have you tried playing through TRPG2 one more time and trying to imagine the Main as a male? If you did, was the playing experience any different, anything about the actions, the dialogues, etc? Or even if you didn't, any interestsing points to make about that?

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Quote from: MikeW781 on March 28, 2010, 02:27:36 PM
how come the hero can tell Griffin he is trying to score with Rahel if he is gender neutral
I am mostly pointing this out as a flaw-I really don't want a gay (literally) answer
It's stated at the beginning that your character is a male.
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The Hero of TRPG:SoG is male, yes, but this is a TRPG2 conversation.


Dialouge in TRPG2 is carefully worded to avoid giving the Hero a gender. I believe that the Hero was intended to remain genderless for a purpose.

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I doesn't care, do I?


I understand, but the moment is over now.


I considered the hero to be a male in TRPG2. Although the hero looks like a female in TRPG1, I still called the hero a male.
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i view the main char as a male simply because i am a mele and the char is designed to be gender neutral so that you can view the char as yourself in this situation and sequence of events right, so actualy i never viewed it specificaly as a male but me in that situation when im talking :-*
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