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Psy War: An In-Depth Break Down

Started by Deagonx, July 10, 2011, 06:04:15 AM

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This is an in-depth explanation for those who don't fully understand the Psy War card game played with Gamblin' Jack.

The aim of the game is to lower your opponents health down to zero. Every turn each player selects a card, the card with the biggest number (added with attack) will win. And the difference will be subtracted off the losers health.

The biggest thing that tripped me up was the symbols, and what they meant. Here is a breakdown of all the symbols and what they mean.

Here are the base attributes given to the players:

Health: Represented by the heart, this is the amount of damage needed to be dealt for the player to lose the game
Psy: Represented by the blue orb, this is the amount of available Psy Points, this allow you to use the skills on any given card.
Attack: Represented by the 2 swords, this is the bonus given to a card when it attacks.

Here are the base attributes for the cards:

[spoiler]Attack: This is the big bold middle number, this is the amount of attack power the card has. Each player will throw down one card to face eachother, the total sum of the cards attack, and the players attack attribute will be compared. The winner will deal the difference to the opposing player. For example, if I played down Guy, with 12 attack, and Gamblin' Jack played down Flint, with 9 attack, I would win and deal 3 damage to his Health

Psy: This is the number on the left, represented by the blue orb. If the player has Psy equal to or greater than the card, the cards effect will be enacted. These effects can be adding attack, or giving you more health. But if the player does NOT have enough the effect will not go into play. (Note, some cards do not subtract Psy, but add it)

Effect: Only some cards have this. An effect may be 3 things. 1: Healing you, 2: Adding to your attack, or 3: Adding to your Psy

Here is a complete list of cards and there effects. A: Attack, P: Psy, E: Effect
A: 11

E: P+1


Festus 2:


A: 12

A: 10

A: 2
P: 4
E: A+2

A: 1
P: 6
E: A+3

A: 8
E: P+1

A: 3
P: 3
E: A+1

A: 5
P: 1
E: HP+8

Strategy: The easiest way I have found to win this game is to upgrade your attack at every given opportunity. If at all possible avoid using healing units. They are weak in attack and will quite likely have their healing effect wasted. Or cut down substantially. You might take some damage earlier on while upgrading your attack but don't worry. Once your attack is at 4-5 almost any card will win against anything Jack has to offer.

The only con of this is that if Jack gets equal, or even stronger attack than you it is quite possible you will not be able to fend him off.

Thats all, Deagonx.
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