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Upgrades for Flint

Started by KZ, February 05, 2010, 06:43:34 PM

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"As many of you have wondered how to get some of them, here you go. Flint has 4 upgrades available: Spin Saw, Fire Breath, Capacitor, Steam Engine.

-You get Spin Saw by fighting Golem Patrols in mission 5 part 2: after the fight, along with a Victory message, apart from the gold you get it may also display "and a Spin Saw!". The chances of you getting such a message are 1/6 for fighting 3-golem patrols and 1/8 for fighting 2-golem patrols (I believe, malignus, kindly correct me if I'm wrong). In order to actually install the ability on Flint, go back to Somnus, go to HQ and talk to Helena- she'll suggest to install it on Flint, agree to that and by the end of the dialogue Flint will have an extra attack (3rd icon). Notice that you can get more than one Spin Saw- if you don't alienate certain characters in Somnus, you'll be able to sell the extra Spin Saws for 1000 gold.

-You can get Steam Engine after mission 5 part 3 battle: walk to the upper right corner of the Workshop and click on the part that periodically emits smoke (if you are too far, just walk around the inactive energy golem- your main can walk over golem parts lying on the floor): then a dialogue window with Helena should pop up and by the end of it, Flint should have Steam Engine installed (2nd attack icon, can be used more than once in one move, boosts Flints speed for the battle by one).

-You can get the Capacitor (increases Flint's psp from 5 to 12) and Fire Breath (4th attack icon, 1-2 spaces area attack) from Gelf: at the end of mission 4, you can return to the Great Forest, go to the second screen and you'll see a green tent in the top right hand corner, go inside it, say you want to buy "gaggets" and the green creature (Gelf) would offer you gagget one and gagget two for something like 400 and 600 gold. Buy them, go back to Somnus, talk to Helena in HQ (twice-she installs one "gagget" at a time) and that's it.

Hope that you find this useful! If something's unclear, do ask!"
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