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Role of Aptitude and Personality

Started by KZ, February 05, 2010, 07:15:40 PM

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"For those who wonder if Personality and Aptitude are useful skills to have in TRPG2, I bring together some of the material collected from the forums, plus some of my own trial-and-error conclusions with these stats.

To start off, I'd like to say that apart from raising the number of teammates you can have in a battle with higher personality (personlaity 1 = +3 teammates, 7 = +4, 10 = +5, 12 = +6, 15= +7) and the decrease in price of your hero's level ups at Hellion's with higher aptitude (e.g. with aptitude 1 = mind blast level 1 costs 117 gold, ap 12 = 35 gold) there are several situations in TRPG2 where you can get an item/pay less money/earn more money.
I'll put the situations in a list below, I'll give the minimal aptitude/personality level in order to get an additional outcome option plus a brief overview of the situation and what you can gain.

-Penumbra won't refuse to open an account if personality is 8 or above
-you won't have to fight Vagrant or give him money if your aptitude is 10 or above
-you won't have to pay Niven to join your force if your personality is 8 or above
-you'll be able to recognise and hire Thallion's slave with aptitude 7 or above
-having personality 10 or above can come in handy when you've got dead comrades and not enough money to ressurect them all at Negatus'
-you may get an additional dialogue option with Nightling after mission 5 completion with aptitude 9 or above
-with aptitude 10 or above, you can do additional things to one of the item's you can by from Gelf
- I think that a certain personality level is required to get Grotius on your team, along with Helena & Flint, and maybe a certain aptitude level in order to be able to collect Spin Saws... can anyone verify please, I'll then amend this post accordingly, thanks!"
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