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Pointless off-topic thread.

Started by Presentiment, March 15, 2010, 10:28:04 PM

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Good day, comrade citizen Aryan.



Obviously not.

Comrade is a Communist.

Citizen is post-revolutionary France.


I think Presentiment is instead poking fun at the nationalities KZ seems to be or might be.  Probably stemming from KZ calling you, Im2smart4u, conservative or perhaps, the guessing of what KZ stands for which included thinking KZ is/was Russian (which I think he is, or at least his name seems like it, he use of perfect grammar and english shows much relation to that of a foreigner, I think, as well.). Though this is rather off topic, as the last few posts have been, so may I ask that you stem the conversation back to asking questions about the Gelf?


I think KZ is British, because he spells "colour" instead of the better way "color".


Um, just wondering, but are you purposely going off topic now? If so, I don't advise going directly against the head moderator... but that is, of course, your choice.

I personally would rank knowing more about the Gelf culture the highest, with knowing how the naming of all of the Gelf as Gelf came about? Perhaps they all have some sort of collective consciousness? but, as you requested, I'll let you and LethalLaurie come up with the answer, KZ.


This thread is now about waffles.