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Started by SmartyPants, March 18, 2010, 06:48:12 PM

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Who would you put on your team.

14 (31.8%)
31 (70.5%)
27 (61.4%)
31 (70.5%)
20 (45.5%)
Gamblin' Jack
25 (56.8%)
31 (70.5%)
13 (29.5%)
12 (27.3%)
22 (50%)
32 (72.7%)

Total Members Voted: 44


You spam steam engine, as you can use it multiple times in one turn. Using all of his Psy power will allow you to reach a speed of 14.
Currently tied with Zack for the title of Master of Light!


It costs 1 Psy point per [speed at the time of increase].

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91 PsP. Max = 100. 13 speed.


Steam engine increases his speed by 1 everytime it's used. He gets Psi Points from the Psi Capacitor that you can buy.


Idozen Cair

I doesn't care, do I?

Idozen Cair

Er.... guys I found that I could only level up Flint's speed to the most of 7 (not enough PsP).
I doesn't care, do I?


Did you wait for regen?

Idozen Cair

But if Flint can regen that means he can have unlimited speed, right?
I doesn't care, do I?


In theory. But it would take forever to do. The cost goes up after every use.


My list would have to be

1. Festus   For the hard battles, you're going to need a healer, and he's better than Anya.
2. Darkling.  He can get behind enemy lines and absolutely destroy opponents. Love it.
3. Grotius.   High Hp, attacks that hit multiple spaces, and fairly good damage. Is mobile as well.
4. Niven.   He has a little less move than the others, but he has higher Hp. The fact that pay power/strength both add to his attacks damage is what really sells him. It's easier to get him dealing high damage, probably the best 1v1 attacker.
5. Shadowboxer.  Speedy, and with some good attacks. However, I prefer to focus on one target at a time, so dark vortex isn't one of my favorites.
6. Guy.   Pretty much a weaker version of the hero, but he's got some nice versatility with pyro blast/hail, and can dish out some nice damage.
7. Anya.  At this point, I'd prefer a second healer over anyone else.
8/9. Helena/Jack.   Similar to one another. I find Jack's snake eyes a good, if inconsistent, attack. Helena doesn't have the same 1v1 ability, but I find that if she's supported by a few other characters, they can make quick work of small groups of opponents.
10. Flint.   Slow. That's my main (only) complaint. However, even with speed, he's not that great.
11.Dorgon.   I find that he's just too expensive. It's hard to get him to deal the kind of damage I would want.


Well, here's my team (with explanations for all of the characters), in the order of my line-up

1. Darkling.  He is the most mobile character with his 9 speed, ability to fly, and both shadowports, and he move anywhere on the map.  This allows him to get behind characters and destroy opponents with backstab shadow blast/mind blast.

2. Shadowboxer.  He is a pure offensive monster.  Because the opponents are often grouped together at the start of battle, he can destroy them with shadow vortex.  Probably the best offensive non-main character.

3. Festus.  Due to my extremely powerful team, a healer isn't absolutely necessary, but Festus is nice in some of the final battles to keep everyone alive and fighting.  I've also kept his attack up, so he can do some pretty decent damage.

4. Main.  It's not like I have a choice :).  My main has maxed out PsP and Health points.  The only opponents he can't take out with a backstab Pyro Blast are Tastidian and Nelis (and possibly Cerzak, I haven't tested that out yet).  The best character available to you by far, with amazing staying power, extremely powerful attacks, and very good speed (I always use the green orb).

5. Dorgon.  I have a glitched Dorgon because of a save game transfer.  He has one attack, called Mind Blast, which is actually the laser beam attack.  He also has 7 speed.  This combination means he rarely gets touched, and he can always hit somebody.

6. Gamblin' Jack.  I have struggled over this spot on my team.  I chose Jack because 1) He gives me the freedom to side with whomever I want, and 2) With his recover ability, he can stay alive basically forever.  Jack's Snake Eyes attack also can deal extreme amounts of damage.

7. Niven.  The slowest of the offensive shadowlings.  Niven has one advantage that ensures his place on my team: Trick Shot.  He isn't hurt by Tastidian's or Nelis's attacks, and, unlike Shadow Vortex or Pyro Hail, Trick Shot can actually deal backstab damage, even if it doesn't always work.

8. Grotius.  With 7 speed, Grotius gets outmatched by Shadowboxer and Darkling.  However, his powerful Frost Blast attacks make him an excellent teammate.  This way, I can line up Gamblin' Jack (Snake Eyes), Shadowboxer (Shadow Blast), and Grotius (Frost Blast 2) all behind an enemy and deal massive damage.

And now, for those who are not on my team:

Anya.  Well, as I've already written, a healer isn't absolutely necessary on my team, so when it comes down to it, Anya loses out.  She just isn't as mobile as Festus, and I need a healer that can always reach my teammates.

Guy.  Guy is the toughest one in this section.  In the past, I've traded him in for Gamblin' Jack.  I no longer use Guy because 1) With low mobility and no healing options, he often gets hammered and dies, and 2) His attacks really aren't anything special.  Jack simply has more staying power, plus the ability to heal others.

Flint.  I've also used Flint before, and I really like him. He's a powerful tank.  My only issue is with his speed.  As you may have noticed, I built a quick team. (Jack is the only one with speed 5, if the main has the green orb).  Flint just gets left behind, or worse, he slows others down.

Helena.  I've never seen Helena as a viable alternative to Jack. I think she is just too awkward to use, and even if you can use her properly, she's not that effective.  For offensive teammates, I think everyone else outclasses her.

So, there you go.

Andrew Kovacs

All my strategies will be based on a Brutal gameplay with little grinding.I use 7 members,not 8,because I love 7.I consider 4 roles a character can fulfill:Tank,Healer,DPS,Assasin.I don't use Assasins,as they can be overwhelmed by the situation easily.And It's worth mentioning that I prefer long but sure fights rather than short but unsure ones.

6.Guy is pure DPS.This guy can be coupled with the hero and Shadowboxer to nuke a huge chunk of the world,and his Pyro Hail is often the only skill you might have to threaten the foes you want.

5.Grotius is good for support in Mission 6,where you will need all you can get.Also,frost Breath 3 is good for weakening or holding the tank's back,being a very reliable DPS skill,while his health is not low at all,in critical moments you'd be able to nominate him as tank.

4.Anya is the best healer,don't listen to the others.Long shield is a kickass support that allows a line made of Flint,Hero/Guy,Grotius with Frost Breath 2,Anya,and Dorgon behind her to hold a corridor and whoop even tough bosses in front.Otherwise,in wider corridors,she in the middle,with three tanks in front,and Hero and Guy with Pyro hail on the sides will have the full randament of the Big shield.As well,her Mind Shield has a larger range,so if a tank is duelling with a trainhitter boss,she as a healer will allow squeezing in another DPS psy fighter to quicken it.

3.Helena tanks pretty bad,just take care of her,she is fragile.Other than that,she is a kickass DPS,which can be a literal tornado if invested in Strength and Defense.

2.Gamblin'Jack is a pretty good tank that doubles as a healer.I don't care about Snake Eyes,it sometimes is a waste of Psy Points,but Recover makes him a Triton Steel that yells "You shall not pass!".If shambling from wounds,you can put him on heal duty.He is very versatile because of this,being a good tank,healer,or damager.

1.Flint :-X is a hell of a tank!He is good in front,if invested on Psy Defense,or even without.If duelling with a spriggat,then I don't put DPS characters directly behind him.If no need for tanking,he can also handle himself in DPS againist a swarm.I don't understand why the others dislike him for his lack of mobility,he is intended as a tank for slow and sure battles,not fast fights that can get out of control.


Welcome to the forums, Andrew Kovacs.
That is a very interesting analysis that you posted here.
To raise the difficulty a notch, have you tried to play (as if) friendly fire was on and without loosing anyone?
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.