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General Battle Tips and How to beat Nelis and Tastidian

Started by KZ, February 05, 2010, 07:22:16 PM

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Carrying on the wisdom of many players from the previous forums, which you can find here, share your thoughts and expertise on tactics and strategies employed whilst playing through TRPG2. Many have trouble beating Nelis and Tastidian, so any tips for that would be wlecome too (sticky in old forums with references to discussions can be found here)!

"Share your experience of playing TR2 with others: what strategies do you use, character and attack combinations, what's your modus operandi with different enemies? What orbs would you recommend for which missions?

E.g. kind of obvious one, but for golems I prefer using range 3 attacks- this way my main/teammate doesn't get attacked by the golem as it has only 1 speed."
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preparation for tastidian and queen battles

[spoiler]1.starting off if its your first time fighting them i recommend difficulty easy or normal because on normal the shadowling queen can do 40 points of damage to the person she atacks and 10 more to everyone else
2.get the black orb from david
3.choose anyone who can fly incuding grotius since he is one of the only two that can fly and doesnt use dark powers
now teammate

1st battle

[spoiler]1/send the shadowlings besides niven to the right and use darkling shadow port to get around to the back of the first enemy on the right and do a back strike then send shadowboxer and festus after him it should kill him
2.then send yourself to the right and make sure your strong enough to finish the shadowling behind the tent on the left in one pyro blast
3.send niven to the center and use the 2 range atack to hit the shadowling to the right
4.send jack to the shadoling to the left in front of the tent and use snake eyes
5.send grotius up to the elite shadowlings and use frostblast 2 on the shadoling jack atacked
6.use dorgon to blast the elite shadowling on the right
7.the enemy will take there turn and the elite shadowling on the left should move left down face right and do a dark vortex and his back will face towards you
8. make darkling go behind the tent to atack some of the shadowlings upward
9.use festus and shadowboxer to atack the shadowling niven atacked use pyro blast on the elite shadowling and kill him
11.niven atack the other elite shadowling.
12.jack atack the other elite shadowling
and grotius if needed atack the other shadowling have dorgon just wait
13. darkling should have one shadowling cornered and the other one will be free just gang up on them now and youve one the first battle[/spoiler]


[spoiler]1.dont kill the shadowling healer as long as he is alive tastidian wont move
2.send the shadowlings after the elite on the right
3.send you and niven on the elite on the left the real threats (beside tastidian) are gone
4.try to get jack on the other side of the rocks
5. send grotius to the right of the shadowlings and use frostblast 2
6.have dorgon use the lazer on one of the shadowlings to the left
7.the enemy will take there turn and with the elites dead and tastidian unable to move you wont take much damage
8.use darkling and shadowboxer to kill the shadowling that moved into the castle entrance
9.send festus back a little not so far
10.use yourself and niven to atack the shadowlings on the left
put jack in position to atack tastidian on the next turn
11.have grotius get behind the healer and kill him with frost last 2
12.use dorgon to atack tastidian and the healer if you didnt kill him with grotius
now tastidian will atack darkling or grotius and hurt anyone who is close whoever he atacks use festus to heal
13.gang up on tastidian where he cant move and use festus big shield if you have to keep everyone alive until he is dead[/spoiler]

3rd battle

[spoiler]1.send darkling to the bottomleft corner and use shadowblast on the guard armor he does not have shadow resistance
2.put shadowboxer right in front of darkling and use mind blast
3.put festus to the left of the guard armor in front of the party and use mind blast
4.send yourself to the bottom right corner and use pyro blast
5.put niven next to yourself and use the 2 range atack to hit the one in front of the party
6.use gambling jack to atack the guard armor in front of the party and kill him
7.put grotius in front of the energy golem in the middleand use frost blast 2 to hit bothe energy golems down the middle then use dorgon to finish them off
8.they will take there turn and only you and shadowboxer should take damage
9.use darklings shadowport 2 to get on the other side and do a back atack shadow blast and should kill him
10.send shadow boxer to the behind of the other guard armor and atack then send festus to shadowboxer
and heal him
11.use your mindblast to kill the guard armor in front of you
12.use niven to atack the other one on the left use jacks 2 range heal to heal yourself
13use grotius to atack the energy golem on the right and have dorgon wait
14.shadowboxer will take damage from the energy golem on the left and the guard armor and niven will take damage from the golem and have it end up killing the guard armor over on the right
15.use darkling to get behind the energy golem and use mind blast then have shadowboxer atack it and kill it
16.use festus to heal shadowboxer than have youself use mind blast on the other energy golem and kill it
17.use jack to atack the other guard armor with snake eyes and kill it[/spoiler]
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Here is my guide to the Nelis battle: level up your Main first (get about 60 hp). Get him Vengeance, Orange Orb and Yellow Orb. Level up the rest of the team to a decent level (say, lvl 20). When the battle begings, eliminate the golems and the phantom armors as quickly as possible. Avoid being near the Queen at all costs! After you've done so, position your Main 3-4 tiles away from Nelis,whilst keeping all other units away from her. She'll use Fire Gate on the Main. Use Vengeance to strike back after one or two turns. Sit back and relax when you ran out of PsP, the Yellow Orb should reduce the waiting time, and a healer could use a Long Shield to stay out of harm's way (ie Fire Gate).  Meanwhile, whilst Nelis is attacking the Main, you can use other ranged attacks, like Frost Breath 2, Pyro Hail and Dark Vortex to attack the queen from other directions. Another useful find is Niven- get him to deal 50 damage with Trick-shot and you can position him behind Nelis to deal massive damage to her (position diagonally,and she won't attack). Keep repeating the procedure until you win- make sure to keep you units away from the Queen, otherwise she'll use Holy Blast on your teammate, and you'll have a lot of damage control to do in the next few steps.
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The only thing that you really need for Tastidian is not to kill the healer, and with the queen, just remember to take out her 'help' before attacking her.


To beat tastidian, I sent Niven, Shadowboxer, Darkling, and Festus at one of the bonemask shadowlings (usually the right) and Grotius, Main, and Dorgan (I only use six teammates to go with my main) on the other. Use Darkling to shadowport behind him and mindblast on him from behind. festus to attack him on the side and shadowboxer (Who i normally spend most my time training his psy power until it's around fifty (fighting the bug queen over and over again)) to use vortex and niven to finish him off with his ranged knife throw. If dark vortex didn't kill the other two then one will flee back and the other will fight. On the other side i use Dorgan to use area burst or his laser to attack the shadowling, main to pyro-hail and grotius to use his frost attack. Since my main is powerful it doesn't take another turn to kill the bone-masked shadowling. After finishing off the other shadowlings I regroup my team and have Main and Festus heal them. Then I wait a few turns to get my psp points back up, then Darkling leads the attack with mindblast on Tastidian, then shadowboxer uses mindblast on the healer's backside. After that I send in Niven with trick shot on Tastidian, then Main using pryo-hail then Grotius and then Dorgan. Most of the time I win in about 5 turns in a game plus and 7 in a non game plus.
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When I am against Nelis, I usually kill all of her units and focus on backstabbing her.
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