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What are your favourite teammate combinations?

Started by KZ, March 19, 2010, 07:02:16 PM

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TPA2 is quite versatile in allowing you to choose which teammate combinations to play the game through with. I have, so far, managed to complete the game with several very different team make-ups, and each has its ups-and-downs, but allows to place accent on completely different battles and keep the game relatively fresh.

Thus, what do you usually go for?
I have tried the lucrative combination of going for  4 Psy Fighters with different elemental affinities, backed up by a spirit, a healer, a Shadowling and a Spriggat, if memory serves me right. Pretty good and mobil combination, though initially it'a bit hard to keep the Psy Fighters alive and well, not until they get Feedback, at least. Then things go much better, with the non-humans providing the estra mobility which the main force might lack.

Then I've tried the all-different combination, omitting the Swordsman from initial make-up, and not trading in any of the teammates for more powerful classes, which are unlocked later on in the game. This allows to tackle more or less any map with different teammates being the pinnacles of attack.

Finally, there was the all-Spriggat and all-Shadowling, plus Hero and Healer team, which was very mobile indeed. The only problems were to create it in the first place (the Shadowlings and Spriggats aren't available straight away), and then it was not as advantageous when the team was pitted against Shadowlings or Spriggats, as they had elemental resistances in place.

There was an experiment with an all non-Psy team, but it wasn't too good, as none of the units were too mobile, none could fly, and they were pretty bad against spirit enemies (plus, some maps couldn't be finished with them: like ones where there was a unit with Physical resistance).
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My main favorite teamate combonations are these:
Psy Fighter: Spearman, psy/shadow Healer, Swordsman, Red/white spriggat, and shadow guardian.
Swordsman: Shadow healer, shadowling, shadow guardian.
Bowman: Spearman, swordsman, psy healer
Assasin: More assasins
Psy fighter team is well rounded, swordsman team is made for brute force conquering all, bowman is for tactics XXWXX
H=healer, W=swordsman, B=bowman, S=spearman (teach healer long shield)
Assasin, is also just rounded out.   
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i prefer to go with one of a kind but for my last teammate i really didnt have a choice.
red spiggurat
shadowling guardian
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I always went for mobility, with a Spirit, Shadowling Healer, Psy Fighter with Floaty Orb (was it Azure? Can't remember), a Frost Spriggat, and then a few mortals (non-flying units.)  After grinding the fliers into offensive powerhouses, I disregarded the humans and just charged into battle with four people.  I might have kept an assassin with Leap as well.
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I just did a new game and tested out my new team: The Elementalists!
We are a team of 6; including  4 Psy Fighter, each with a different elemental affinity, and a healer, and a spirit to transfer Psp. It has turned out tobe extremely good, and after 3 leagues, all 4 of my "Elementalists" can now do their respective area attacks!!!!