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Solo Mission

Started by Bromtaghon, June 24, 2010, 11:45:20 PM

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What should I train next?

Psy Power
Psy Defence


Has anyone tried beating TPA2 with only the Hero? I'm going to try it on Easy, without the GUI, using an Assassin.  Before the first battle I raised all his stats to 9 and gave him leap.  I still have 500 Gold left.  Should I:

a) Train Psy Defence (I'd guess this seeing as there's no healer and he doesn't have Feedback)
b) Train Psy Power (is there Mega Stab in TPA2?)
c) Train Strength

I'm probably going to make this a game where every few challenges, I'll post how much Gold I have and my current stats, and ask what I should train, or what Orb I should buy, in a poll.
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Initially, probably best to increase his health, so that you don't run into the situation of him running out of it- killing off enemies can be continiued with a weaker attack, but it can't be done with no health. I'd also like to point out that there is a cap on how strong and how healthy a character can be, so it would be interesting to see if you'd be able to get your way through to the last league with those limitations in mind. I'd suspect that you'd need a healer at some point and that, eventually, given the strength of the enemy and your inability to increase health mid-battle, the task will likely only be doable with a Psy Fighter, who knows Feedback and Vengeance.
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