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TPA2 Hero class preferences

Started by KZ, March 15, 2010, 06:44:25 PM

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Which TPA2 Hero class is your favourite?

1 (4.5%)
2 (9.1%)
Psy Fighter
15 (68.2%)
4 (18.2%)

Total Members Voted: 22


Are there any specific effects from any orb that gives a bowman hero a real boost? (Like, for instance, the Green Orb significantly increases the Psy Fighter Hero's mobility.)
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i just try to even my team out try to get 1 of each but you can only have 10 people in the roster. which is something i dont get when in trpg2 you can have more people than that
mock the pheonix you will burn


i like psy fighters mainly because of the large area attacks, which help murder enemy formaetions, and also they deal out a large amount of damage, especially when u train your attacks a lot/psy power


Even though I've never played TPA2, I prefer to stick to Psy Fighters in any Telepath game.


Bowman or psy fighter. Long range is one of my favorites.


I love the Psy Fighters because they have the attacks that level damage ridiculously fast like the Blasts.
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