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TRPG2 Main Game+ SuperStatTeam Save File

Started by KZ, February 05, 2010, 06:35:08 PM

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"Right, due to the popularity of how to make money fast thread, and people asking for ways to literally cheat in-game, I'm giving here a very useful link to my Game+ save acrhive that contains several saved games that have a very advanced team (can easily play most battles on Brutal), has 7 or 8 orbs available and in different points of progress within the game. It's better than a trainer as it still leaves your team strong, but not ridiculously so, this way some of the battles on brutal can still present a bit of challenge (but there is more than enough gold to quickly level up your team if you're finding it too hard). The price to pay for this is rather small- you're stuck with a Hero named Kolko. ;-)

For those of you who are not good with computers and don't know what to do with the link, there are several threads on the forums that explain to you in detail what to do (just use the search function), but here I'll give a quick overview:

-clik on the link and download the archive
-use a program like WinRar or download a  free version (e.g. 7-Zip) and use it to unzip the archive
-you'll find there 4 Telepath RPG 2 Special Edition Game Save files
-(for Windows XP), make sure you switched on the option of viewing hidden folders, then go through the folders via this path: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random letters and numbers\ 
-there, you'll find your current game files- copy-pyste them to another folder (make a new one), if you want to keep them, then delete all files in that folder
-next, copy the files from the archive into that folder, close it
-go to and play TRPG2 Special CD Edition
-you should now have a new game with a powerful Hero and most of TRPG2 secrets found
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Xemadus Echina

i found the folder that my computer saves the TRPG2 files into. but the files that you posted do not work with it.  my only reason for wanting an advanced file is because i never knew about the malignus easter egg.
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The file posted there is a .rar file--it's kind of like a .zip file. Inside, you should find an .sol file, and that should hopefully work. :)


Indeed, rainen- it's the same issue as with the downlaodable TPA2 Demo file- just do what Ertxiem suggested in the other thread and extract the .sol file from within the .rar file.
Welcome to the forums!
Read the rules, use proper grammar and punctuation, play the games, share your ideas and enjoy your stay!