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New attacks for teammates

Started by KZ, February 05, 2010, 07:29:41 PM

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I dislike like Luca's focus move, because I feel that it needs a better explanation and it is the same thing as giving Luca a stronger focus strength.

Now, for Duckling's attack. I like it. I think that as im2smart4u said, the Hero becomes notably stronger when his speed increases by 1. I think that if the cost has a y-intercept of 3 or 2 added, the attack will be balanced in terms of reward and cost. It will make the 0 to 5 transition cost 31 instead of 15, but a 5 to 6 transition cost 12 instead of 9. This will make it so that it will be almost useless to god mod speeds (and I think there would be a 12 speed cap like in the last game), but the increase of 1 or 2 will be worth it.
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Quote from: Zackirus on October 24, 2010, 08:21:16 AM
When I use Luca, she is usually behind my Light Based Hero, who is far from the fight. In my case she is usually not able to use Soul Suck and even if she did, I still only get 15 Psy Points, which gives me 17 (once I have used Light Bomb Twice) and I need to wait another turn to use it again. Also (My Luca has 15 Psy Power) only gets 15 Psy Points when she uses Soul Suck and 3 if she focuses. With this attack, I can get Luca to regain almost 37-38 Psy Points in one turn.
That sounds too powerful.  No one should be able to fire Light Bombs over and over, while remaining out of range of enemy units.  Requiring Luca to steal PsP from enemy soilder is a balancing effect.


I'm going to need to agree with im2smart4u on this. It seems to powerful. Soul Suck costs nothing but it remains limited by having a range and enemy required. Taking away Luca's needed range and enemy to steal from doesn't make her a battery, it makes her a power plant.

My verdict: Too Powerful and without a necessity to use. Nay.


I also vote nay. im2smart4u and...the former bugfartboy said it. An attack that allows you to rain light bombs on targets is overpowered.
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It doesn't rain light bombs. It gives Luca an unheard of psi regen. If she gets this, she will never be dry of Psi Points, and through the transitive property of equality, the Hero never will either, allowing him to decimate the opposition with no fear for himself or Luca.


Well, that's what I meant. Luca can gain psy points while the main fires a light bomb, transfer them to the main on the next turn, and, using the hold command, allow the main to fire another light bomb. Luca is supposed to be a support unit, not make the game insanely easy.
...For I am his, and he is mine, bought by the precious blood of Christ.

Anyone want to find the rest of the words?


Exactly. Methinks we are at an agreement here. Vote?



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Yeah this idea was kinda doomed, because there was no good explaination, let this serve as a reminder, there has to be a real explaination for all attacks and enemies.
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New attack:
Uber bomb
it hits all units, allies or not, for 5000 damage because its the uber form of mind blast, then it raises all the enemies speeds to 100 and makes them all attack each other, but not the healers!
This attacks is for Arman, and costs 5 psps


If possible, please Remove all your spammer related comments, since they ironically spammed up the topic.

Duskling and Bugfartboy still needs to remove their off topic threads, so I can delete this one.


^^ Done ^^
Make sure you remove that post too though, because ironically your response to the off topic responses to the off-topic post is off topic. And my replying is off-topic, which will just make it more confusing when the next poster tries to tell me that. To avoid this, I'll get OT.

Now, I feel that, in terms of number of moves, Luca, the Hero, and Set are all pretty much done. In addition, Griffin, Rahel, the Spearman, the Spriggat, and Malis are close to being complete or completed because they have an acceptable number of moves, and seem to fill their current niche up in the sense that they all basically have the most complete set of attacks for their class. Arman and the potential Gelf seem to be the only ones lacking in moves. At the moment, both have the lowest number of moves (I don't know how many moves the Gelf will have for certain), and no moves for them have been put in the Formulated thread.

We can still disuss Luca's move to increase a friendly units speed, because that got derailed, if we would like.
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Red Spriggat: Heat Shield. Also The Red and White Spriggats could level up their shields into the greater versions (Inferno Shield and Glacial Shield)
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Hmm... I guess if they can already heal, they should be able to bestow resistance.