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Holes in Walkthroughs

Started by Presentiment, March 21, 2010, 12:55:35 PM

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Fill in the holes on the locked walkthroughs here.

I'll just recite some ability stats from memory:

They might be incorrect due to bad memory, but I've gotten all of them before.


Leap-PD 5

Mega Stab-PA 10


SS1-PA 1

SS2-PA 6


Backhander-PA 1

Double Strike-PA 9, STR 10

Slash--STR 11 (maybe some PA, but I always upgrade to double strike first)


Juxtapose 1--Transfer lvl 1

Juxtapose 2--Juxtapose 1 lvl 1


Shadow Blast--PA 12

Shadowport--PD 5

Shadowport 2--PD 8


Feedback--I don't remember, but you can get it early easily

Mega Shield--PD 5 (maybe)

Long Shield--PD 12

Big Shield--PD 14 (?)

Vengeance--Feedback lvl 3

Elem. Blast--Talk to trainer after defeating bandits

Elem. Shield--PD 11 (?)

Elem. Big Shield PD 14 (?)

Elem. Area Attack--Elem. Blast lvl 2


Thanks for reminding me about this: I'll go do it now. There is a list on the old forums, with most of the attacks in, I'll just need to tabulate the list.
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