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Rajav and La'man

Started by Dayn, March 19, 2010, 07:14:39 AM

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I think that I know the name of the next character. In the tutorial section, under swapping your characters, there's every one we know about and Rajav and la'man. Who are they? new characters?


Yeah Dayn, we talked about that in the old forums too.

I think it was decided that Rajav is porbably a spearman and La'man is most likely a red spriggat.


Or they could not be, You Never know ;)
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Well, given how Craig introduced spedifically extra attacks to those two classes in TPA2, and quite clearly hinted at both, there is a high chance the unknown teammates will be of those classes and will have those names.
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A great idea would be if Craig made side mission and during that side mission you find a energy golem and have to fix it depending on aptitude then personality to convince it. I say its best in the third crypt.