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Re: Hi! Nice to meet you.

Started by Presentiment, March 28, 2010, 03:23:07 PM

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Xemadus Echina

do the world a favor and spell check before you post.  also, attempt to create a coherent sentence in the future (and no i'm not trying to start a flaming war)
im writing a book!;topicseen
heres a free verse poem I wrote for school
You never know
Just what you will find after you
Lost your favorite thing. But
The important thing is that the
Game you play will help you to get by.


People! Calm down it is NOT a big deal. Can't we get along just once in one forum! 
If The World Was A Bit More Like Canada, Then We Would Have A Great World, And Hockey 24/7

- Lord Canada


Oh we can, usually, unless someone systematically starts annoying folks all around.
Now, let's not flame around here, folks.
Welcome to the forums!
Read the rules, use proper grammar and punctuation, play the games, share your ideas and enjoy your stay!