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Well I'm think it would be a good guess to say that the game will end with the little character overview things, as in TRPG 2, as we all love them and they are a pretty good way to end these games. So just for fun, what do you think they could be for the team mates in TSOG?

For example:

Set, done with the resistance, has settled back into Ravinale as a world renown physician. With his track as a war hero and the gold flowing in from his practice, he has no troubles with the ladies anymore.


After she the cult was finished, she went back to selling spices and instansly made another fourtune. She used her reconation from helping Ravinville to expand her business to all of Cera Bella

Having, with Duvalier's help, recovered her husband's memories, she and Fizooz happily departed from the material plane.

Xemadus Echina:
RollingInIt (we all know who that is ;P) Dualiver and Rahel Dualiver(dialog with Griffen, eventually theres an option for the hero to have an interest in Rahel): after crushing the cult and freeing their parents, they found a nice quiet place to live out the rest of their lives and Rahel, thanks to the wonder of psy abilities was able to get over her childhood horrors.

heh heh i know its a bit outlandish but somebody had to do it ;) {not really XP}

Griffin: After the Cult was defeated, he remade the guards, and now sits as the General of the Ravinale Guard.


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