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What is your Elemental Affinity?

Started by SmartyPants, March 30, 2010, 07:19:17 PM

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Which is closest to the Truth? (Take the poll before reading below)

Wisdom lies in great passion
Wisdom lies in scrutinizing the mistakes of the past
Wisdom lies in bringing possibilities to light
Wisdom lies in rationality and detachment


This is more of a personality test then a survey of the element you prefer playing with, so answer honestly.

If your answer was "Wisdom lies in great passion" then your affinity is Heat
If your answer was "Wisdom lies in scrutinizing the mistakes of the past" then your affinity is Shadow
If your answer was "Wisdom lies in bringing possibilities to light" then your affinity is Light
If your answer was "Wisdom lies in rationality and detachment" then your affinity is Cold


I go with the 5th option (in game) all of the above.


I would go with light as I always bring new possibilties onto the table
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they always say the possibilitys are endless so i end up with light
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I agree with the shadow affinity. Never a bad idea to look into the past to see how to deal with today.


Personally though, I prefer rational and detachment. So cold pretty much fits with me in a lot of ways, huh?

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i go with light because light bomb is amazing :) haha just kidding.  i'd have to go with fire because i can get passionate (some times to passionate) about what i do very easily.
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My first and honest answer was also the 5th option- there is truth in all of them, and what I believe one has to do is try to balance the 4 listed in the best possible fashion, but Shadow stands out a little bit, and Light is present a little less than the other 4.
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I like the cold one, 'cause my family motto is "No one ever got anywhere by being a pussy."
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I've made many mistakes, so looking over them and not making the same mistakes all over again seems wise to me. (Also, I make a save for each elemental character)


I also have to agree with the 5th option all of the above is the most wise. But if I had to pick i'll go with the third option.


Quote from: Tastidian on April 02, 2010, 12:57:24 AM
I also have to agree with the 5th option all of the above is the most wise.
You can't pick a fifth option is the game or the poll, so sorry.

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First time, I went with cold. Then, next time, I went with the 5th option and I'd forgotten which answers mean whuich and I went with cold again!
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I think that all of them are wise. Having to choose one I would balance between cold and light, perhaps choosing one over the other depending on the mood. And shadow is close to them (so, I might pick it up sometimes). I would probably never choose heat.
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The ones that seem best to me were shadow and cold. Light also seems a good one. Heat isn't bad either, but that's just not my personality. All of them seem good to me, but since I had to pick one, I picked shadow. If you don't learn from your mistakes, you normally won't get better. When I'm learning from my mistakes, I try to be rational and detached. When I learn what not to do from my mistakes, I try to figure out what to do next time.
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