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Rulebook update

Started by CraigStern, June 13, 2018, 02:04:28 PM

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I've updated the True Messiah rulebook with a few wording changes, as well as a new page discussing the four messiahs--who they're rumored to be, what their strengths are, and what their distinct starting cards are.


Neat! Though the rumored backstories of the messiahs explain their playstyles and starting abilities well, I greatly appreciate the room for personal interpretation, as their origin stories are, in the end, legends.

However, despite Red, Black, and Violet's believable origin stories, I feel that White's description sort of overshadows them, being the most shrouded in mystery, open to speculation, and tinged with the supernatural. Though if there's a better way to explain why he has a greater access to miracles, I don't know what it is.


Thanks! Yeah, I didn't want to do too much to ruin the mystery (or foreclose opportunities for role-play). Lots of different considerations to balance, there. :)