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Clarification for looting

Started by KovuCougar, November 12, 2019, 10:32:45 AM

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In the rule book, looting has a couple of ambiguous points:

  • It says may take a 2nd card if not enough coins. Is this a "take the coin if available, then optionally take a 2nd car" or a "only take 2nd card if leaving the coin alone". I'm leaning toward the "if taking no coin" option here.
  • It does not say what to do with the card(s) not selected. Return to top of opponent deck? In what order? To their discard? Sackers choice? I could all both being viable strategies. There's a very light implication (based on the "leave it be" part when selecting a card) that they are to be returned to the top of deck.


Sorry for the delay! My clarification:

1. Take 2 coins--if the opponent has exactly 1 coin, you may take an additional card on top of (not in place of) the coin.

2. "Leave it be" means "return the card to where it was"--as in, put it back atop the opponent's deck with the other cards, without changing the order of the cards.