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Should you get another Shadowling teammate?

Started by Duskling, March 27, 2010, 10:24:57 PM

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Should you get another Shadowling teammate?



No. We don't need more teammates than we can use. Adding it would be doing just that.


Bugfartboy, are you saying that you didn't enjoy having the ability to choose between multiple teammates in TRPG2?


I enjoyed it, I just don't think we need another shadowling teammate just for the heck of it.


Quote from: Bugfartboy on December 21, 2010, 06:14:35 PMI just don't think we need another shadowling teammate just for the heck of it.
I don't think Criag would do anything in TSoG "for the heck of it."  Unlike TPA2, when a teammate is added to TSoG, we see new personalities and new stories.


I didn't enjoy the variety. It forced me to make a choice between many good teammates, and I simply had to ignore the rest.


Well guys I'm sorry to to say, but this discussion is now void. All the teammates have been chosen for TSoG. Their are no teammate spots left for anyone, so sadly, we won't have a Gelf or a Shadowling teammate.

Hero: Psy Fighter
Griffin: Swordsmen
Rahel: Marksmen
Set: Healer
Arman: Assassin
Luca: Spirit
Malis: Shadowling

[spoiler=Don't open this if you don't want to spoil the game]
Qudssi: Swordsmen
La'Man: Red Spriggat
Naj: White Spriggat
Rajav: (Suspected) Spearman

As you see by this: Only Rahel and Rajav are missing

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Idozen Cair

Nah. I totally disagree that one more Shadowling teammate should be added. 2 reasons:
1. Too much variety - too much good teammates
2. This game's focus is not on Shadowlings - unlike TRPG2
I doesn't care, do I?