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Automatic Victory in Local Matches

Started by Longchamps, May 12, 2020, 10:30:22 AM

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Hello I have recently acquired this game and have being unable to have any kind of local matches, tried many combinations of modes and opponents but always the game automatically ends with a victory as soon as I click to continue. Thanks for the help


Hey there Longchamps! Glancing through the log you provided, it looks like you set the game to use 2-versus-2 alliances rules on a 2-army map:

Quote295 | running determineAlliances()!
296 |      determining multiplayer alliances ; alliancesType = 2-versus-2
297 |      assigning Player 1 to alliance Eagle Alliance
298 |      assigning Player 2 to alliance Eagle Alliance

The game evidently thinks the orange and blue armies belong in the first alliance, and since no unallied armies are present on the stage, it's automatically giving you both the win. Try changing the alliance rules for your local match--that should fix it. :)