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Do you want to see Noctus in TRPG3?

Started by MikeW781, April 25, 2010, 01:56:16 PM

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Do you want to see Noctus in TRPG3?

Not really
Hell No!


As discussed in this poll:, the forum users seem to have mixed feelings about wether Noctus will be alive. Do you want to see Noctus again, wether or not you personally believe he was/could have been revived? Why/Why not?
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I am sure we will see references from TRPG2, but will we see any references from TRPG1?  Noctus is the only character that can really link the orginal game to the newest.

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Unfortunately, I never got very far in TRPG2. Could someone send a link so I can see who "Noctus" is?


Noctus is in the tent where David is found near the end of TRPG1.
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ahhhh yes....him...I'd love to see him again.


I honestly wouldn't care. It might be fun to beat him up again, though.


Well, seeing someone from TRPG1 would be a very nice link, 'cause everything else would point, in some way or other, to TRPG2, if references or cameo appearances are made. Though even a reference would be good enough for me.
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I want to see noctus because I like how his bone mask looks diffrent.
And I bet Craig would make him look cooler! (IF Craig decides to, and that would be cool if he was in Hellion's house.)
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I personally would love to see him again. Not only would the link be nice, I liked the personality he had in TRPG1. He was willing to cut a little deal with you and allow you to slip out the first time. Very charming and suave.
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