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New RTD!

Started by Steelfist, February 07, 2010, 01:22:10 PM

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Basically (Most people will already know this, but just in case) you create a character (You can either choose to start in the Psy Academy with nothing but your clothes and some cash, not much-about 50 gold, just after graduating, if your character is a Psy. If not, you start in a pub in ravinale with some clothes, 50 gold, and a choice between a bow, a sword or a dagger. You can't have more than one). You create character using this format:

Race & subrace (ie Human, Psy assassin) :
Psy specialisation/Type (ie Fire, ice, shadow, light or shield):
Physical specialisation/Type (ie Bow-bowman, Sword-swordsman or dagger-Assassin)
Special skills (NOTHING RIDICULOUS! Make sure it's in keeping with your character, too):

You post an action, once everyone has posted I will roll a dice. It works out as:

1- Epic fail
2- Backfires slightly
3- Nothing happens
4- Success, but barely
5- Perfect success
6- Overshot

I then post what happened, according to the dice rolls. You know the drill. I will start rolling when four people have joined. You can join afterwards, though.


Name: Mikiea Uinop
Race: Gelf
Physical: dagger and claws
Skills: scratch, stab, climb, basic smithing (you forgot one thing in your example)
Bio: Grew up in the Great Forest. At 12 went out and got apprenticed to a blacksmith. At 18, went into buisness for himself as an adventurer. Loved to climb trees as a kid.

Strength- 7 Defense- 10 Personality- 0 Aptitude- 19
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To be fair, it was only an example.

My Character:

Name: Othren Barak, AKA The Wraith.
Race & subrace: Human, Psy assassin.
Psy specialisation/Type: Shadow.
Special skills: Can lockpick with his mind and is very skilled at fooling others into not seeing him. He can also sneak pretty well without Psy assistance.

Oh, and don't forget to put down your attributes and your attacks and their levels. Psy power/strength, psy defense/defense and so on. Your four attributes (The normal ones) can add upp to 36 points in total.

Here's mine: Psy power- 12, Psy defense-9 personality- 7 Aptitude-8

Shadowblast- Lvl 1,


Name: Takezo
Race: Human
Psy specialisation/Type: Ice.
Special skills: Can drop the tempeture arround him to give him a slight power boost and to slow down opponents slightly

Bio: Was an orphan who was recruited into the psy academy at a young age when a psy instructor  realized he could cause the tempature to drop and at the age of 17 he is ready to start his adventure

My Sats: Psy power- 12, Psy defense-12 personality- 7 Aptitude-5

CryoBlast- Lvl 1,


Oh good!

By the way, aptitude makes it easier to train (Every 5 points gives you a plus one to dice roll when training, and personality gives you an advantage when buying things (When you try to buy something, I will roll a seperate dice.).

1- Cost's double
2- cost's 25% more
3-costs normal price
4- costs 25% less
5- Half price
6-75% off.

Personality gives you a +1 to the roll. GOING OVER 6 HAS NO EFFECT.

Oh, and I will supply the prices when you try to buy something.


Name: C. Maome
Race: Human, untrained psy
Psy specialization: enhancing melee
Special skills: Throwing sword and returning it with psy
Stats: Psy defence 10, Strength 6, Personality 10, Aptitude 10

Action: Over hearing a tale of a cave filled with treasure


so my special skill is okay then and not to over the top?


No, it's fine.

By the way, in my last post, I meant every 5 points of personality gave you a plus one boost to the dice roll.

And Zhampir, I think basic Psy might be okay, as so long as you don't learn anything else to do with Psy.


I was thinking he'd just use Psy to enhance his attacks, likely unaware of doing it, believing the weapons, not himself, have magical properties.


Just make sure he doesn't learn anything like shadowblast, and it should be fine.

I was thinking of having a list of stuff you can buy in shops, and three levels of weapons like:

Basic bow:50 gold

Advanced bow: 150 gold

Expert bow: 450 gold

Maybe each could require you to be a certain level, or something? Or am I making this too involved for a forum game?


I'd say go as far as your imagination will take you, but just make sure to edit your first post to include the new rules (and once you have finally exhausted yourself of anything else, delete this thread, and make a new one, with the first few posts detailing all of this. That way we don't end up with one humongous post, which forum moderators on other forums tend to yell at me for...)


Yeah that seems good and as for the orbs I don't think we should have them. It might make it a bit easier or if we do have them make up our own that are a bit less not powerful but less useful or tone down the orbs that are already part of the game.



I don't think we should have any orbs, though.


Are we gonna have armor that increases abilities For psy people like swords and stuff for the melee?  


Agh! Late from this! Well... My character.

Race: Shadowling
Psy specialisation/Type: Shadow
Special skills: Can hypnotize his enemies to stay put for a few seconds.

Bio: A shdowling who came from a rich shadowling family, but ran to world at young age. Has been travelling the world for 3 years already. Dislikes money.

Stats: Psy power-11, Psy defense-10 personality-4 Aptitude-11

Actions: Tries to find new friends
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