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Going Solo

Started by frodo2040, May 17, 2010, 05:49:13 PM

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Have you completed the game solo? (no teammates, side with either Tastidian or Academy)

Yes, I have
7 (31.8%)
No, but I plan to.
8 (36.4%)
No way.
7 (31.8%)

Total Members Voted: 22


Yes, I think that is enough to go solo on Brutal, if you're careful, because, even though you are way overpowered, you are still alone.


Hmm just went solo against the Queen.

Killed everything else in one shot each.

What really limits main head to head vs the Queen in my battle is that the Queen can two hit the main with the light blast because main's hp never goes above 99. :( But with consistent use of Vengeance to heal and a pyro blast or two before she started using light blast got her killed in about 6 or 7 total blows.

EDIT: Went through Dean too. Same deal except I think it's a lot easier.