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Ordering games through BMT Micro

Started by CraigStern, November 23, 2010, 09:54:36 PM

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I just stumbled across this, and I'm pretty excited about it. I thought you might be too. It turns out that you don't actually need a credit card to pay for a game via BMT Micro!

QuoteFor your convenience, BMT Micro accepts the following methods of payment:

   * Credit Cards
   * Money Orders / Cashiers Checks
   * Personal Checks
   * Cash
   * PayPal™
   * VISA/MC Debit Cards from USA banks

Read the page for more details on how to pay via the non-credit card options:

QuoteMoney Orders / Cashiers Checks

Money orders, cashiers checks, and bank drafts are welcome. All software purchased using these methods will ship as soon as payment is received. Please remember that all payments should be in U.S. dollars unless arrangements are made in advance.

Personal Checks (US Funds)

Personal checks are welcome, but please allow up to two weeks for your check to clear the bank. All checks must be drawn on US banks and are subject to approval.

Make all checks payable to BMT MICRO and write FOR DEPOSIT ONLY on the reverse side of the check for your protection. In the lower-left edge of your check, please write in the name of the program you are registering. Please be sure US Checks are in US Dollars. Banks cannot clear checks in currency other than their own. Handwriting US Dollars on a foreign check will void the value of the check and we will have to return the check for replacement.


We gladly accept US Dollar currency in any amount. Check here for the current exchange rate

We do not recommend sending cash or currency in the mail. If you do choose this method, we will only be responsible for delivery if the mail, containing your registration and cash, requires a signature upon receipt by a BMT Micro employee.

Other Payment Methods

We're always adding additional payment methods. If you prefer or know of a payment method that would be more convenient for you, please let us know. We will make it a priority to make the arrangements.

For answers to your questions about how these work, contact BMT Micro.