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Are Forum Games too popular?

Started by MikeW781, May 31, 2010, 02:27:33 PM

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Do you think too much time is spent on forum games?

Yes, and I have a solution
No way in hell, and this thread is pointless


There are currently 3543 posts in "Forum Games" while the next largest thread "General Discussion" only has 826. While I am as much of a contributor to this as anybody else, I think this is a problem. It seems that much more time is spent on the games then anything TRPG, which I don't believe is productive. Craig seemed to have an idea of this when he made forum game posts not count towards post totals.
Quote from: KZ on February 28, 2010, 09:32:02 AM
By the way, is it possible to completely remove post count from forum games section? 'Cause those posts do not in any way constructively contribute to the forums discussions in general, other than providing a bit of entertainment (which is good), but if the ranking system is to be of any value (reputation/repsect/weight, etc), then if posts outside the forum games count, it will be an indicator of how much a person has been active on the general discussions (as there have been users with posts into the hundreds who have barely contributed anything elsewhere). This would make the attainment of each rank be more worthwhile and something to be even more pleased about.
I can't think of a solution though, and upon reflection this may be a pointless topic. If that appears to be the general consensus, I will remove this thread.

Edit: Just to correct a typo in the title. :) Ert
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I wouldn't say that this is pointless, but the post total from the games already don't count toward our post counts. It is good that you bought this up, but forum games aren't too popular, they're just fun, that's why we hang out there most of the time.


True, but my main point was to try to draw attention towards TsoG, and away from forum games. I had noticed this trend a while ago, but expected it to end once the downloadable demo came out. It didn't.
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Another good point, but I suspect that because of the downloadable demo coming out is why some people now focus more attention to the games. I believe this is because some people can't download it due to some circumstances, and because of that don't know what to suggest, since they don't know the current status of the game, in fact, I' am one of those people, so I speak from experience. Also, the forum games are a good place to forget about not being able to play TSoG, and unwind, so it's like getting drunk, without the drunk part.


lol. I'm a believer that having the forum games keeps us coming back. It keeps the creative minds here in case they get an idea, it keeps the forums alive. New people won't want to join and contribute to a forum that seems dead, and besides a few random posts the forum is kind of dead right now, except for the games. I myself probably would've left awhile ago if it wasn't for the games. (all though some people here may think that's a good thing,  :) ) And I've even gotten ideas for TSoG when reading through the games and playing them.
Though, I do see your point. It seems to be very unproductive. I don't think people have run out of ideas, it could just be that there's a general feel that Craig has the game all figured out, or is too busy to deal with more content at the moment.
I don't think it's over popular though.
The forum games also bring us together as a community, a place to have fun and laugh. Where every where else on the forum seems like a place to debate absolutely everything, the games give us a place to enjoy each others company. As an American myself, I do like to indulge in the luxuries of life.^^


True. I was hoping for some sort of solution to draw attention to the development of TsoG, but the fact that many people (including me) that can't get ahold of the downloadable demo seemed to have stopped paying attention to the actual game, may prove an insurmountable barrier.
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I also agree with Zampir. The forum games section helps people coming back here.
On the old forums (apart from the games), the most active areas were the bug section and the walk through for each game but the downloadable demo had some big visual changes but the story didn't advanced much further than the online version (at least up to where I played). In the future versions we may expect some further action here, in particular during the (northern hemisphere) summer vacations.
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I was addicted to the old Forum Games and I refuse to play the newer onces.  They are repetitive and doesn't stimulate the mind at all.

If you don't like the Forum Games, then don't play them.


im2smart4u is right on the money: if you like playing the Forum Games, play them, if you don't like them, don't play them.


Yes, but that did not answer the question.
Mike was wondering if this community was paying too much attention to the forum games and not the Telepath series game development/discussion, which is what the purpose of this forum is perceived to be. Fortunatilly, that's not how this particular forum is set up. Users are free to discuss anything as long as it falls into the proper forum tab. Since this forum ranges from Game Reviews to games created by Sinister Design to Politics pretty much anything goes. Even waffles, but I think discussions about waffles should remain in the GD sub forum.

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No, I think that if people love the forum games, then the can play as much as they feel like. But there is the fact that people also should spend more time on the general discussion too. I'm all in favor of something to draw people on GD but limiting the forum games, or even saying that they are overused is not what I think is right.
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