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Abolitionist Compound - question

Started by fourinone, February 25, 2012, 10:50:24 PM

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Can someone please tell me all possible outcomes for this mission? I chose to spare Elan and donate some gold to him, hoping that he may offer to join the Resistance in the future or something, but nothing seems to have happened. Did I miss anything, or is it supposed to end there? I also saw that you could press him for 1000 gold. Are there any other rewards besides that and killing him to obtain Sharif's troops? Or is there some negative consequence if you do kill him?


As far as I know, there are four ways to go about this:

1: You do your job as assigned and kill Elan, when you go back you'll get your soldiers as promised. I don't remember the exact amount, but they're worth quite the sum of gold.

2: You leave and offer him gold as a compensation, as far as I'm aware, this does nothing but cost you gold, even if you spare 5000 gold.

3: You press him for gold, in exchange for which you leave him alone. You can drag 1000 gold out of this, which is much less than the soldiers you get for killing him expressed in gold.

4: You press him for gold, but say that he can spare 2000. He will become enraged and attack you. Refer to point 1 from here on.

There is no negative consequence for killing Elan [spoiler]unless you have a problem with allowing slavery to continue.[/spoiler]


This mission is one of many that has a silent impact on how many people you'll be able to attract during the recruitment mission.


Aw, bummer, I already did the Ravinale recruitment mission before the Abolitionist Compound.  :(  I wonder how much of a difference it would have made.

Speaking of recruiting soldiers, does anyone know how many you need to have equal or more men than the Cult, and if this has any effect on the battles or ending? Is there a turn limit dependent on your number of soldiers?


I was wondering about that too, actually. What effects do the soldiers have? I assume it decreases the number of soldiers/reinforcements you have to fight?

Also, does donating more gold to Elan have a greater effect? Is it worth it? (i.e., could you buy the same amount of soldiers from Helena with the same amount of gold)